20 Custom Bikes of 2020

Fasten your seatbelts, grab your pop corn, here are 20 iconic custom bikes that we found in 2020!

It appears to be that time of year again when the We Buy Any Bike team get together to talk about their favourite custom bikes. 2020 has been a year of creative opportunities; not only for bike builders, but for bikers in general. Granted, it hasn’t be the easiest time to get parts, but it’s certainly got everyone’s brains ticking!

As usual, at this time of year, we’re here to bring you some iconic custom bikes of the year so far. We thought 20 was a fitting number, so we embraced that a bit… enjoy!

Just a side note. These bikes weren’t necessarily built in 2020, we just found them in 2020, and we couldn’t resist!

1. LA23 – Bolt Motor Co. Yamaha RD 350 YPVS

custom bikes 2020 we buy any bike
Photo sourced from Bolt Motor Co.

Thanks to Return of the Café Racers, one of my favourite sources for custom bike bloggers, this one was first on the hit list. It’s hard not to fall in love with this beauty!

Traditionally a red & white 1989 model, the LA23 is a particularly interesting transition to read about. You might have to Google Translate the page though!

2. Honda GB400 TT Café Racer by Sam Troy

Captured by Moto Feelz

We’re not going to lie, it makes us a little bit jealous that this beauty is riding about in the land down under rather than the UK.

3. Honda SLR 650 ‘Lily’

Captured by Magnet Photography

Now, this bike looks a lot of fun. Especially with its secondary nickname, ‘Gravel Eater’, which also sounds slightly terrifying, but still intriguing!

4. Virago 920 ‘YamaDuci’ – Augment Motorworks

Captured by Mark Luciani

This sleek looking beauty looks like a real head turner! The supreme white has a really nice contrast to the blue panel on the tank, which is hiding in this photo!

5. CB900 Chopper by Purpose Built Moto

Photo sourced from Purpose Built Moto

Just scraping the 2020 collection; built in January, we couldn’t resist adding this absolute gem to our favourites list. The dual headlight stole our hearts, and you can read more about this cherry red dream over at Purpose Built Moto!

6. Bullenbeisser: Harris Magnum Streetfighter

Captured by Mark Holstein/Christine Gabler – Sourced from Bike Exif

That rainbow trellis frame though… it just completes this bike, am I right? ?

7. Diamond Atelier’s “Groot”

Photo sourced from Diamond Atelier

As a bit of a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ fan, I firstly clicked on this for the name. I was then taken aback by the look of this beauty! We’re not quite sure if they’re supposed to be diamonds on the tank… but it works. Oh, it definitely works!

8. Old Empire Motorcycles – “Typhoon”

Captured by Onna Wieringa, Jon Mortimer, Richard Stow

Ok, well we know that this bike wasn’t built in 2020, it was built in 2014, but we found it this year so here it is!

9. Atelier Jab’s Yamaha XS650

There’s just something about the woodwork on this bike! Well, it’s not normal to see some pretty impressive classic looking woodwork on a bike, is it? It’s a winner for us, though.

Check out the pictures here.

10. Scales Studio’s Ducati 1200SS

Pictures sourced from Facundo Bustos

Is there something in the air in Houston and Miami? Yes, this iconic blue 1200SS! Kudos to Trever from Scales Studio for this one!

11. Foundry Motorcycles – French Connection Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom Bobber

Captured by Chris Lanaway

We just love the retro vibe that Foundry Motorcycles have given this Bobber!

12. Side Rock Cycles – Primera Custom Tracker

Photo sourced from Side Rock Cycles

What a dream it would be if one of these ended up in one of our vans! Or, better yet, if I could own one myself!

13. Icon 1000 – “Three Martini Lunch” – Triumph Thruxton Custom

Photo sourced from Icon 1000.

We aren’t too sure where the name came from… is it a reference to James Bond? We don’t know! What we do know is that Icon 1000 pulled it out of the bag for this Thruxton.

14. Purpose Built Moto – Yamaha TW200 Tracker

Photo sourced from Purpose Built Moto

This is the kind of bike I’d want as a living room piece, personally. It’s just a work of art!

15. Sailor Jerry’s x Gasoline Motor Co – SJ2 Harley Davidson Iron 883 Custom

harley davidson iron 883 sailor jerrys whiskey gasoline motor co we buy any bike custom motorcycle
Captured by Moto Feelz

We’ve all heard of Sailor Jerry’s, right? This isn’t the first time Gasoline Motor Co have collaborated with the rum brewer (are they called brewers? I don’t know). Either way, we don’t know if this bike belongs to a tattoo studio, or a background scene in The Walking Dead… you decide.

16. XS 650 SG-Roovy by Limey Bikes

limey bikes yamaha xs650 sg roovy groovy custom we buy any bike webuyanybike
Photo sourced from Limey Bikes

Straight out of the 70’s. I don’t know why, but I feel like this bike really goes with the name of the bike builder, Limey Bikes. What do you think? Either way, you’ll probably have to dress the part to ride this bike, other wise it didn’t happen, or whatever they say these days.

17. RSD Grunt Flattrack Custom Sportster by Roland Sands

roland sands grunt flattrack sportster custom motorbike we buy any bike webuyanybike bike trader
Photo sourced from Roland Sands

There’s just enough camouflage on this bike for you to be able to see it… I joke. The design on this bike is so clever, though, and the colour choice for the camo itself is an absolute winner!

18. Baak – T120 Black

baak triumph t120 bonneville custom motorbike motorcycle bike we buy any bike
Photo sourced from Baak

We just couldn’t bare to leave this one out. At a glance it looks like a standard black Bonneville. However, we were completely hooked when we saw the little details, such as, the suede seat, and black leather gaiters. I’m just sat here hoping a UK-based bike builder gets inspired by this one day, to be honest.

19. Sol Invictus Custom Scrambler by Purpose Built Moto

purpose built moto sol invictus scrambler motorbike motorcycle custom we buy any bike

Purpose Built Moto has done it again! Sol Invictus is just simply a beautiful machine. Built by the iconic builder, Tom Gilroy, Invictus was built to take on Tasmania… the lucky devil. See what we did there?

20… You Decide!

What did you think of this list? Let us know in the comments!

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