Harley-Davidson.. What are they all about?!

Harley History Everyone has heard of Harley-Davidson. They have done an incredible job of becoming an iconic American motorcycle manufacturer. So where did they come from and what are they all about? Harley-Davidson was founded out of a shed in 1903. By William S Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson, in Wisconsin. Harley and the … Continue reading “Harley-Davidson.. What are they all about?!”

There is an increase in female motorcycle riders! Why is this?

The statistics speak for themselves, so why is there an increase in female motorcycle riders? Although motorcycle riding has been stereotypically seen as a male-dominated activity, women riders are on the increase. The UK Statistics On Bikes And Motorcycle Licence Holders have confirmed there are now over half a million women holding full motorcycle licences. … Continue reading “There is an increase in female motorcycle riders! Why is this?”