London Motorcycle Culture – Mod or Rocker?!

So when did motorcycles start making an appearance in history? What role did they play in London’s culture? Motorcycles are descended from the ‘Safely bicycle’. A bike with front and rear wheels which were the same size. With a pedal crank mechanism driving the rear wheel. There were many landmark developments around the same time … Continue reading “London Motorcycle Culture – Mod or Rocker?!”

Interview: Jessica Haggett, Founder of The Litas

Jessica has created something bold and empowering in The Litas. She has reached women across the world by challenging dated ideals and stereotypes. This group of women are shining a new and exciting light on female motorcyclists, encouraging them to come together as a community. There is a support system in The Litas which has … Continue reading “Interview: Jessica Haggett, Founder of The Litas”