Guest Blog: All about that Base (base layers that is)

UK winters mean outside temperatures of between 10°C and freezing… Hold on, that doesn’t sound too bad.. BUT WAIT!: When you factor in wind-chill generated at standard riding speeds, your riding actually exposes you to temperatures of -5°C to -25°C! The best way to stay warm on your motorcycle is by making sure you have … Continue reading “Guest Blog: All about that Base (base layers that is)”

Taking A Pillion: Covering The Basics

When taking a pillion, it’s suggested to first become a pillion. Few riders have actually ever taken the back seat, so can’t fully understand what’s like. Something pillions often mention as ‘the scary part’ is the lack of control they have. The passenger has to fully trust that the rider is going to take good … Continue reading “Taking A Pillion: Covering The Basics”

Tips For Long Distance Rides

Setting off on one of your long-distance rides soon? You might be interested in this article! The We Buy Any Bike team have put together some tips and tricks to make sure you are ready to hit the road. 1. Windshields Are Great When you’re riding around a city, it’s easy to forget the need for … Continue reading “Tips For Long Distance Rides”

Motorcycle Accidents – The Facts

Motorcyclists are an extremely vulnerable group of road users; they aren’t protected by an outer shell the way other vehicles are and can be much lighter/smaller. These characteristics, as well as many more, come together to make motorcycle riding risky and therefore more accidents are expected. For example, the government released a figure in 2006 … Continue reading “Motorcycle Accidents – The Facts”

Taking A Child Pillion On Your Motorbike

Growing up with a biker as a father, I know what it’s like to be a child begging to go out for a ride! Of course, there are certain things you need to consider before taking a child on your bike. Here are some examples the We Buy Any Bike team came up with, some … Continue reading “Taking A Child Pillion On Your Motorbike”