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Top 5 Towns We Bought Bikes from in 2020

Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we often get asked about the towns and cities we buy bikes from. In 2020, we bought thousands of motorcycles from all across the UK and Northern Ireland. The truth is, as long as you live in those two places, we will buy your bike! So, if you have a bike that you’re ready to sell in England, Scotland, or Wales, enter your reg today!

Our team get asked on a daily basis; “Where do you buy bikes?”. This question inspired us to dig out our statistics and write a blog post focused on the most popular places that our drivers travelled to in 2020!

London Bike Buyers - 5 Top Towns

Of course, this came as absolutely no surprise to us that the capital was on the top of our list. Regardless of ULEZ, and the tube, being the popular method of transport that it is, studies show that there are an estimated 110,000 motorcycles in London. This figure isn’t hard to believe when paying a visit to the centre! 

London-5678548 1920-1024x678

Although London isn’t the most picturesque of places, in the centre, motorcycling is the most convenient method of transport. Don’t forget to check out our bikers guide if you are thinking about selling your bike in London. We will buy any bike in London!

Motorbike Trader Manchester

manchester-1599986 1920-1024x683

Our drivers took so many trips to Manchester last year, that the majority know the side streets like the back of their hands! If we’re not working, we like to stop off at Manchester Bike Show which is held at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre. 

Are you looking to make a swift trip to Manchester? We’ve made a handy Biker’s Guide just for that! Also, regardless of the age, mileage, or condition of your bike… we will buy it! Our system is super easy to use, simply enter your reg and you will get a quote in seconds.

Buy my Bike in the town of Birmingham

Alike Manchester, we also enjoy going to the NEC in Birmingham to catch Motorcycle Live. If you are planning on going to the same event, but you’ve never been to the area before - why not check out our Biker’s Guide to Birmingham?

birmingham-4267898 1920-1024x683

Our statistics show that there are a lot of bikers in and around Birmingham. If you’re a biker from Birmingham and you’re looking to sell your bike but you’re not sure where to start, look no further! If you’re looking for a bike trader in Birmingham, contact us today for more info!

I'd love to sell my bike in Leeds

The city of Leeds is where we find the most bikers return to us time and time again to sell their bikes. Since it is essentially our neighbour, we love visiting Leeds on the regular. Many of us enjoy visiting Squires - which is located in Sherburn in Elmet. 


Have you recently found yourself looking for a bike buyer in Leeds? We’re pretty much Leeds-Based… We can help! Enter your reg today on our website for a FREE valuation, and our team will arrange your FREE collection for the very next day!

Edinburgh Bike Traders -

Believe it or not, one of our most popular collection areas is in Edinburgh, Scotland! It doesn’t surprise us that Edinburgh has a lot of Bikers. I mean, who would hesitate to ride when you have the NC500 on your doorstep!

edinburgh-4491305 1920-1024x683

Not only are we the nation’s favourite bike buyer, but we’re Scotland’s favourite too! We also love buying from there! If you find yourself wondering ‘Where can I sell my bike in Edinburgh?… sell motorbike today!’ Find out how much we would buy your bike for today by entering your details on our website!

We're your towns favourite bike buyer... We Buy Any Bike Pay the Most and Collect the Quickest!



22 Jan 2021

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