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6 of our Favourite Custom Bikes

With the biking community growing year by year, it seems to be that custom bikes are on the rise. There are many makes and models out there, we often find bikers wishing to get creative with their bikes to make them stand out from the crowd.

With this being said, here is a list of bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike’s favourite custom bikes, that we just can’t resist sharing!


Image Source:- Alex Gerlach

6 of our Favourite Custom Bikes


This blue beauty is owned by Carlos, a Vintage bike enthusiast. He owns a variety of bikes & cars that he has customized; you can view them all on his website; Vintage Addiction. Before growing his livelihood of maintaining his vintage love for bikes & cars, Carlos was quite a gifted car mechanic; and he still is! Carlos had the vision to modify this 1978 bike to create a streamlined ride with a sophisticated edge. We think he was pretty successful in his mission!

We’ve seen this bike floating around the internet for quite some time now; and so, we had to put it on this list! The bike was given to Carlos as a donation. Once he had his hands on it, he couldn’t wait to get started! The first step was the electrics; the Barcelona-based mechanic began by installing an entirely new system with Motogadget control parts, including the speedo and switches. This provided the bike with a streamlined appearance, with minimal wiring displays. So much so, that Carlos has guided the switch wiring into the handlebars.

Aside from the Electrics, the Bike has undergone a few minor tweaks. Although this is a custom; there are a few original parts of the bike as well as simple upgrades. For example, the front forks, the transmission, and the carbs.

Carlos soon introduced the bike to various other motorbike parts. The former car mechanic took parts from a Ducati Desmo 500 and presented the R60/7 with a classic Brembo break-master cylinder. However, this is actually the only amendment made to the breaks; most features are original. Following this, to raise the hind end of the bike, Carlos introduced the R6 to a Yamaha XJ650; a set of Showa shocks to be exact. This provided the bike with the ability to alter the preload and rebound.

Following this, the talented mechanic later installed a new fuel tank. At 8.5 litres, or 2.2-gallon feature was originally designed for Harleys. However, Carlos wouldn’t let this defeat him; he soon tweaked the tank so it was able to fit in with his project.

These are just a few additions; he also added:

  • New Seals
  • Piston Rings
  • New Bearings
  • Valve Seats
  • New Lithium-ion battery unit

The exhaust was created using stainless steel pipes, which Carlos attached to the stock headers in which there were hidden baffles. In addition, he also added a small chromed headlight, as well as spark plug leads which were colour-coded.

The colour of the bike is possibly the part which stands out the most; you may recognize the shade from old Fords, or Volkswagens dating back to the 50’s.

To complete the look, you might notice the piece of fabric situated below the seat. It isn’t a cloth, which is what we thought it was. It is, however, a set of gloves, to help the rider match the bike!


Image Source: Cesar Godoy


This exquisite rebuild was constructed by Pepo Rosell; Ducati builder, and founder of XTR Pepo. This bike, in particular, was originally a 2010 Ducati 848, before it was completely stripped. Over time, it has undergone a selection of delicate restoration procedures. Some of these features include:

  • The installation of Discacciati brake rotors
  • The installation of Frentubo Kevlar brake lines & adjustable leavers
  • A clutch replacement for a Frentubo Kevlar Clutch
  • A Super Mario Exhaust System fixed by SPARK Megaphones.
  • The installation of a Tamburini Race Radiator
  • A new Carbon Fibre Swingarm at the rear.
  • The installation of an Öhlins Monoshock
  • The set installation of Pirelli Supercorsa Tyres

Pepo also provided a large amount of restoration to the engine, this included:

  • Ported heads
  • A 1098 throttle body
  • A Custom XTR Carbon Airbox
  • CNC Machined Air Intakes & Injector Holders
  • XTR Air Filters
  • EVR Programmable ECU.

These are just to name a few added features to the bike. You can view various images and specifications of the bike, as well as his other projects, over on Rosell’s website.

Being a custom bike builder is not the background in which Pepo Rosell trained. Unbeknown to some, he was formerly a scientist in the biology industry, which is quite a different field, to say the least! Prior to entering the mechanical world, the skilled motorbike constructor primarily worked on fish farms, before finally deciding to turn his passion for bikes into a fully-established business.


Image Source: Fernando Casado


This blue-eyed beauty of a Cafe Racer was re-constructed by the young 23-year-old student, Fernando Casado. There was no doubt that the Design Student would grow up to be influenced by the biking industry, he has pretty much been in the trade since birth. Throughout his life, Casado has been raised by bikers, who have been bikers for decades before his existence.

Back in 2015, when the young designer started university, he had to move away from home. With this being said, he needed some form of transport that would get him from A to B. There was no questioning him getting a bike; at all! There was a bit of a complication in the beginning, however, when his Grandfather offered to buy him a scooter; to which he politely declined. He wanted to find himself a two-wheeled wonder that gave him the same exhilarating feeling that his father’s first bike gave him back in the day.

It wasn’t long after that, he acquired this 1980 Honda CG125. However, as lovely as it was, he wanted to transform it into something a little bit more unique, giving the bike a more personalized touch. The idea of customising bikes came to fruition following Casado’s study of a book about the Late Cafe Racers. This piece narrated the tale of youngsters in the 50’s and 60’s, they would customise cafe racers themselves. Following the encouragement of his new find, he soon set himself the challenge of giving the bike a complete makeover.

The Transformation

It took Fernando just over 2 years to complete. The majority of the parts installed were hand-made by himself; using the workshops at his University. He gave the bike a very unique customisation in a way that would differ from all other cafe racers. Casado made it easy for the parts to be removed. He made it possible to transform it back to its original state should he wish to do so. He did this by using the original screws and framework as a guideline for his work.

Whilst Fernando was studying the history of vintage bikes, he soon learnt that he wanted to incorporate as much of the vintage touch as possible. With this, he created the parts using a variety of different resources and methods, such as:

  • Fibreglass
  • Welding
  • Locksmithing

As well as this, Fernando also contributed his knowledge of vintage bikes to the electrics and machinery of his project.

Following the success of this bike, Fernando Casado soon grew his passion for motorcycle customisation. Since this project, he has begun work on various other challenges and now plans to continue this as a full-time career.


Image Source: Tondo Garage


Meet Akatombo; more commonly known as Libellula Rossa in Japanese, or translated into English as the Red Dragonfly. By looking at this bike, you might not even question its name. However, creators of the bike, from Tondo Garage in Ravenna, Italy, wanted to name the bike in memory of Yamaha’s famous winner of the 1956 Asama Highlands.

Stripped down, this custom bike was once upon a time a traditional Yamaha XV1000. Although the bike looks like it has had a complete transformation, looks can be deceiving! The team at Tondo Garage worked together with a mission in mind to make just a few minor adjustments to the bike, not wanting to completely strip the body of the bike from the Yamaha name.

The most drastic change is evidently the front; the team wanted to replicate a sport-like feel when driving, so they took this part from a modern sports car. They also included an all-new and improved braking system, providing higher safety measures for the rider.

As well as this, they also fitted:

  • A shock absorber at the back of the bike
  • A new exhaust system for the engine
  • An Arrow terminal to the exhaust

Evidently, this custom bike was only slightly amended. But enough to make it into the charming wheels that we see today.


Image Source: Patrick Flynn


This little beast was built by blogger, Patrick Flynn. Alike his custom bike, his blog is also synonymously called, The Bullitt! However, Flynn hasn’t always been a blogger and a builder of bikes. Flashback to a few years ago, Patrick actually worked for a Ducati dealer in North America, and this is where he accumulated his Monster, of course! And, he probably got a few influences from other bikes along the way.

Flynn had a plan to use parts from a Panigale R and adapt it into the monster, in turn, to create an ‘821 R’. He had a vision to completely reconstruct the Monster’s fuel tank using parts from the Panigale tank. Unfortunately, these plans never came to fruition as he soon departed from his dealership position over at Ducati. What didn’t depart, however, was his vision of Panigale’s original tank. Although Flynn had left Ducati, he still had a passion for his project, and he adored the appearance of the ‘R’ tank so much, that he knew he had to do something about it.

Following this, he went in search of a fellow Ducati lover. He came across Ronnie Simmons, who, together with himself, was a member of the Bay Area Ducati Owners Club. The pair soon began their challenge of painting the tank to replicate Flynn’s vision, by completely stripping the original and re-painting it with the Panigale R vision in mind. With this, they used black gloss to paint over the red areas, following this; they included small accents of bronze to mirror the features of the engine and swingarm.

And then came the lights! Flynn got in contact with Brad, the owner of Motodemic, a company who specialises in headlight conversions. Following their greeting, the pair got together to work on ideas, the final product being a headlight adaption of a Triumph bucket. Following the light installation, Patrick began painting the custom details of it. Replicating the matte black shade recurring around the bike.

The bike features many other adaptions too! Head on over to Bullitt, to read more about it!


Image Source: Paul Hutchinson


Inspired by the 80's, this beautiful ride has only been slightly touched up in its original state.

The owner, Paul Hutchinson’s love for bikes has completely transformed over the years. Paul was introduced to biking in a large acre of land behind his parent’s house, here often explored the land on off-road bikes. From then on, off-road bikes would be a growing passion for Paul, but it wasn’t until he turned 30, that he got his first street bike!

The Kawasaki was a gift to Paul from Lukas; his cousin. When handing over the bike, Lukas told Paul the bike had been stood for an astounding 8 years. He also confessed that all those years ago, the bike actually nearly burnt down his uncle’s house! We don’t know what his reaction was, but Lukas’ confession definitely didn’t stop Paul from making a few adjustments to the bike; he must like challenges!

Thankfully, it wasn't long before the bike was all fired up... no pun intended. All it needed was a good clean up and a fresh fluid change, then voila! He had an up and running, street-legal bike!

Now that he had the basics sorted

It was time to strip the bike down; it was time for Paul to get the wheels in motion to start on his custom project! And so, he sat down in his garage in Melbourne, Australia, and got to work.

He began by custom re-constructing the engine, with the inclusion of an 810cc big bore kit. Following this, he used Motogadget gear to re-wire the whole system; this included:

  • Switches
  • Indicators
  • RF10 Keyless Ignition
  • Alarm System
  • Koso Speedo

Following this, he began work on the lighting. After deliberating on a few ideas, he decided to add a bi-Zeon Projector-Beam to the equation sticking with the legal requirements but giving the rider a good field of view in the dark, too! Paul also included some more mechanical custom adjustments; you can find them over on his blog where he documented the whole process, Papa J Hotel.

Hutchinson had major respect for the original model, and so, he wanted to keep a lot of elements the same. Paul strictly limited the adjustments to the bodywork. Therefore, he took the original form in mind, and tweaked a few angles here and there; and that’s it!

Moving onto the most striking part; the paintwork! Taking inspiration from Kawasaki’s classic, the Ninja ZX-10, Paul sat down with Steve of Lizard Designs, and together they worked at putting that inspiration of into place. Into the custom piece, they incorporated matte black, bright green, and a touch of silver.

Interested in Electric Motorbikes? We recently featured a few of our favourites on our blog too!


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