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9 Bikes for 2019

In our last post we covered the Best Bikes of 2018 as voted for by Auto Trader. Now that we’re in a new year, the internet has been going crazy about the up and coming bikes that the world is treating us to in 2019, We Buy Any Bike are here today to share all the insights into what new, or improved motorcycles we’re excited about this year!

Ducati Panigale V4

Voted the best bike of 2018 was Ducati’s Panigale V4 S. This year, the Italians are coming back with a vengeance, bringing us a brand new, fresh and updated V4 R model. Owners and riders of this bike will get to ride this beast that gives us a 221hp at 15,250rpm on a normal road. This may seem a bit much for some but we can assure you that the bike has been approved under the Euro 4 emissions standards.


Brembo have also introduced their callipers to this new model. Coming equipped with the classically new and improved Desmodromic System, and of course, the Ohlins suspension as we see on many Ducati models has once again been fitted to the bike. Ducati have collaborated with Bosch for the electronics of the bike, featuring:

  • Cornering ABS EVO
  • Traction Control EVO
  • Slide Control
  • Wheelie Control EVO
  • Power Launch
  • Quick Shift EVO
  • Engine Brake Control EVO

Ducati has adapted this bike so you can enjoy a variety of 3 modes whilst riding; Race, Street, and Sport. The V4 R also has the same TFT dash that has remained prominent throughout the whole series but it has been updated to adapt to the new model. Some new features include a lap timer GPS that will come handy on the track, as well as a Pit Limiter function.

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Indian FTR 1200 Custom

Indian motorcycles have been at it again, creating this new and exciting bike that we just can’t wait to get our hands on! This time, due to its success, they have taken inspiration from the FTR 750 flat-track racer. For both models that they have released, they have incorporated the 750’s trellis frame, rear swing arm and chain final drive.


The Standard Model Features:

  • Under Seat Fuel Tank
  • 19-inch cast front wheel – 18-inch rear wheel
  • Dunlop DT3-R road-legal track-inspired tyres – specially created for Indian Motorcycles
  • Cruise Control
  • 1203cc non-Cruiser focused V-Twin Engine - 120hp
  • 221kg max dry weight
  • LED Lighting
  • 85ft-lbs of Low End Torque
  • USB Port
  • 320mm Brembo Brakes

S Model Features:

  • All of the above!
  • Sport, Standard and Rain mode
  • Lean Sensitive Traction & Stability Control
  • Anti-Wheelie
  • The ability to disenable ABS
  • Bluetooth

The S Model also comes in a variety of 3 colours – the Race Replica which is the classic Indian Motorcycle Red features and frame with Thunder Black Pearl undertones. Along with this they have the Titanium Metallic over the Thunder Black Pearl body and the Indian Motorcycle Red shield over Steel Grey.

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Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE+

We have one for the tourists here, Kawasaki is back again with the all new H2 SX SE PLUS! Travel in style with a brand new twist to the already exciting standard SE model. This beast has been adapted to provide a range of 4 modes; Sport, Rain, Road, and Manual. As well as this, it also has an additional 3 modes that can be added pre-load; Rider Only, Rider with Luggage and Rider with Passage and Luggage.


This 998cc bike has a dry weight of 262kg and it produces 200hp at 11,000rpm. Featuring:

  • Electronic Suspension
  • 43mm inverted Showa Cartridge Fork
  • Showa Free Rear Cushion Lite
  • Brembo Stylema Calipers

New owners of the SE+ are advised to download the Rideology Smartphone App. This will allow you to view your vehicle info, view any previous rides you have been on including the riding conditions. It will also allow you to fine tune the mode of your bike by your smart phone itself! The SE+ also exclusively features an extended windscreen, high grade leather seats and heated grips, launch control and quick shifter. Some technical additions include the Full-Colour TFT Screen and the LED Cornering Lights.

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Triumph Tiger 800 XC

This year, Triumph have produced the ‘king of the off-roaders’ with the Tiger 800 XC. This bike is an absolute dream for the adventurous biker, featuring:

  • A yoke-style cast aluminium swing-arm
  • Switchable ABS
  • Fully adjustable WP Suspension
  • Adjustable traction control
  • Brembo Brakes

The inline 3-cylinder 800cc engine will give you at max, 95hp at 9,250rpm. The 221kg bike also features a 5-inch adjustable TFT display, as well as LED symmetrical dual headlights. They’ve also produced an XCX/XCA and even a version for those who have just got their A2 license!

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Ducati Scrambler 1100 2019

Ducati are on a roll this year! The scrambler series is always an exciting one here in the office. This year Designer Jeremy Faraud has set himself up with a blank canvas with a completely blank canvas. Unfortunately – I guess, the Scramblers are all so good looking that they all influence each other. So, if you ask the man behind the machines to design a completely new one, it’s not going to go very creatively. Luckily enough, however, the Scramblers are all gorgeous and well appreciated by Ducati lovers all over the world – so it goes down completely well when they add some new qualities; even if it does look the same!


The 2019’s 1100 has many added quirks in comparison to its brothers, such as:

  • Added Fuel Capacity
  • Wider Seat
  • A Taller Seat – 31.8 inches from the ground
  • Dual 320mm Brembo Discs
  • Bosch ABS System
  • Ohlins Suspension
  • 45mm Marzocchi Forks
  • Kayaba Adjustable Monoshock

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Royal Enfield 650

2019 is the year that Royal Enfield are treating us well good and proper. We aren’t just getting 1 new bike – we’re getting 2! This year, the best of the British have released the Continental GT and the Interceptor. Both models are quite contrasting, but they do have some similarities. Such as, the classic Royal Enfield styling featuring a retro round headlight, an exposed frame, spoked wheels and a dual reverse megaphone. Both models are powered by 648cc parallel twin engines that give us 45 horsepower and 38 foot by pounds torque. The twin dial gauges are also featured on both models – the left dial features a digital inset screen (fuel level indicator/trip & odometer reader included). On the right dial we have a tachometer.


The Continental GT has been designed for the adventurous biker who likes to put their foot down. This bike features:

  • Clip-on handlebars, with cafe racer styling
  • Rear set foot pegs
  • Fuel tank with carvings designed for the rider to position themselves for when they want to take the gears up a notch – to put it in simple terms!

Enfield’s Continental model comes in a selection of different colours; such as, Ice Queen (White), Ventura Blue, Mister Clean (Metallic Silver), Black Magic (Black/Gold), and Dr. Mayhem (Black/Silver).

On the other hand, the Interceptor is Royal Enfield’s new commuter! This is the standard model, featuring:

  • Upright Handlebars
  • 2-person seat built for comfort
  • Foot pegs situated parallel to the knee of the rider
  • A teardrop shaped tank with slight carvings.

The Intruder comes in a compilation of colours, such as Baker Express (Red/White), Silver Spectre, Mark Three (Black), Glitter & Dust (Metallic Silver), Orange Crush, and Ravishing Red.

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Suzuki Katana 2019

In just 3 months, we see the introduction of Suzuki’s new and improved Katana. The styling of the bike is completely inspired by the 1981 original. The body, on the other hand, has taken aspects of the GSX-S1000 model. Due to its success, Suzuki has replicated its Aluminium Frame, along with the wheels, and the braking/suspension system.


The new features include:

  • 3-Mode Traction Control
  • LED Lighting distributed throughout the bike
  • Fully Adjustable 43mm KRB Inverted Forks
  • Brembo Radial Brake Calipers
  • 999cc 4-Cylinder Engine giving 145.7hp.
  • 12L Tank

This bike is expected to available from Suzuki dealerships in April 2019.

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Moto Guzzi V85 TT

After waiting long and patiently since they first released a brief overview of the prototype back in 2017, Moto Guzzi have finally given us the best of both worlds with the V85 TT! The ‘best of both worlds’ comes from the TT in the name. Chances are, you’re not Italian, so you won’t know what Tutto Terenno means. Well, thankfully its quite similar to English in this case – so, if you guessed ‘All Terrain’, you guessed correctly!


Pretty much, all the bikes that I’ve listed so far are all ‘new and improved’ models – but here we have a completely new model! This bike is ideal for the enduro lovers who want a bike that they can commute on too. If you were into bikes in the 80’s you might recall the enduro models from back then – and Moto Guzzi have too! Do you see the similarities?

Along with this, they have also gifted us with various other features, such as:

  • 21 Litre Fuel Tank
  • Adjustable Wind Screen
  • Traction Control
  • ABS
  • 3 Riding Modes (Road/Rain/Off-Road)
  • A Bluetooth enables Full-Colour TFT Dashboard. Featuring:- Fuel Level, Speed, Revs, Gear, Temperature, Cruise Control Settings.
  • Skid Plate
  • LED Twin Headlight with DRL
  • Spoked Wheels
  • Hand Guards
  • Twin Cylinders give us a 79bhp

The V85 TT has a dry weight of 465lbs and accessory luggage can also be included for alternative trips. This bike comes in 2 colour schemes – basic grey, and a combination of White, Yellow and Black.

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Harley Davidson Sports Glide

We’ve all heard about the electric models HD are bringing us this year, but they’re also releasing a newer version of their Softail range. The Sports Glide isn’t the biggest bike they’ve released, but it’s still a hefty little thing, weighing up at a dry weight of 670lb. The blacked out custom look is a classic Softail feature, as well as the Softail frame. It also comes with various other standard features, like ABS, Cruise Control, as well as a great security system! On the other hand, Harley has given us some newbie’s with this 1746cc bike – such as:

  • A Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine, giving us 108ft-lb torque
  • A detachable front mini-fairing
  • Removable Saddlebags
  • High-Performance Suspension
  • A Fuel Tank that is just short of 19 Litres
  • Single-Shock Rear End
  • 43mm inverted forks with single-cartridge damping control

As usual, we’ve got a whole collection of colours to go with this bike too. On this model, Harley Davidson has given us the choice of 7! We’ve got vivid black, twisted cherry, wicked red, midnight blue, barracuda silver, and kinetic green.

There we have it! We could’ve featured more, but we thought it was quite fitting to feature just 9 for 2019! Don’t forget to let us know if there are any models in particular you’re excited about, and we might even do a feature on them! Also, if you would like a FREE instant quote on your motorcycle, get a quick one today on our home page! We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest.


18 Jan 2019

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