Aston Martin – The New Motorcycle Adventure

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Aston Martin; this isn’t a name we usually see in the motorcycle industry – but the luxury super car brand must’ve been feeling quite lonely as of recently. It has been a little over a month since they announced that they would be introducing motorcycles to their list of ‘products’. After seeing their new Aircraft adventure, we’re pretty pleased to see the outcome of Aston Martin’s new motorcycle. Oh, by the way, it’s called the AMB 001.

Why are Aston Martin Making a Bike?

The answer to that is, probably because they’re bored! We all know that Aston Martin are pretty good at making cars; but when it comes to bikes, we’d assume that they might be pretty slow on the uptake… in a way. Well, here at We Buy Any Bike, we think they knew this, so they sought out the help of a like-minded brand, Brough Superior.

About Brough Superior

aston motorbike motorcycle bike we buy any bike webuyanybike

We’ve done quite a lot of ‘brand focuses’, so to say, such as another iconic British brand, Royal Enfield, to name one of many. Brough Superior Motorcycles began 100 years ago back in 1919 by motorcycle racer, George Brough. Not to be confused with his dad’s brand, Brough Motorcycles, the Superior name reigned strong until the Second World War took over the Hadyn Road headquarters in 1940.

The name lay dormant for many, many years, but it was still a big name in the industry. Almost 70 years went by; in 2008 Brough Superior was purchased by vintage bike enthusiast, and owner of ‘British Only Austria’, Mark Upham. Very excited about the future of the brand, Upham wanted things right, and in 2013 he met the owner of Boxer Design, Thierry Henriette. Based in Toulouse, Boxer Design are a creative development company who produce designs in the Automotive industry.

All About the Aston Martin AMB-001

These days, some argue that Brough Superior are ‘no longer British’ due to where they are built, in Toulouse, France. When building the AMB 001, Aston Martin wanted to incorporate some iconic features from their luxury cars, these features include:

  • Distinctive Contoured Body
  • Aerodynamic Wings
  • Iconic Aston Martin Racing Colours; Sterling Green and Lime Essence. Complete with a semi-dry crankcase lubrication to reduce mechanical losses.

This new number is unfortunately only legal for track use, but with a price tag of £91,000 we probably wouldn’t let it leave the garage to be quite honest! It is powered by a 977cc turbo-charged 88° V-Twin Engine with an integrated intercooler. Giving a HP of 180.

aston motorbike motorcycle bike we buy any bike webuyanybike

The Body

We’ve already discussed the paint scheme and body frame, but it doesn’t stop there. Taking another inspiration point from the interior of the Aston Martin Cars, the seat and handlebar grips are made from Oxford Tan Hand-Stitched Leather. Also, the ‘AM’ logo may look like it’s painted on… it’s not. It is, in fact a 9-micron-thick laser-cut stainless steel silver embedded into the frame.

The entire body crafted using Titanium, Carbon Fibre, and Billet Titanium, including a Carbon Fibre Fin.

When will it be available?

Eventually, there will be just 100 of these 397lb bikes available. There is a waiting list that is available to apply for on the Aston Martin website – but, just remember the price tag again of £91,000. Rumour has it, this particular bike will be made available for dispatch in late 2020.

Author: Emma Henry

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