We Buy Any Bike have a question for bikers: What scares you the most when riding?

Riding a motorcycle is one of those hobbies that can have you grinning from ear to ear one minute, and gripped with fear the next. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and even though we sometimes experience some terrifyingly close calls, the feeling of freedom is worth it all.

The team over at the UK’s leading bike trader, We Buy Any Bike have started talking about our scariest moments on a road, we all had some near misses to share! We have found its best to think of the what’s if while riding, what if that car pulls out in front of me now, what would I do? We decided to open it on our social media accounts and asked ‘What’s scares you the most when riding?’.

Here are a few comments that really got us thinking!…

This is a good one from Josh, he covers two points we all will have faced at some point. Drivers not paying attention to the road are terrifying because the rider is usually the one that suffers. Pedestrians can be just as dangerous, if they are in a rush and step out in front of you, all you can hope is that you swerve in time:

what bikers are scared of

Further to Josh’s comment about drivers not paying attention, Ginger and Colin say car drivers acting erratically on the road is their biggest fear. People pulling out and not using their mirrors:

what bikers are scared of

what bikers are scared of

Yep. Phone users!! People who are trying to text while drive, you can usually spot then going really slow and veering off into another lane:

what bikers are scared of

One that isn’t always the first to be mentioned is the fear of seeing your friend crashing and being injured. Also the seconds before crashing yourself. You know it’s coming and that there’s not a lot you can do about it!

what bikers are scared of

Seeing other riders not kitted out correctly is scary. It’s uncomfortable to watch them ride and pick up speed. When you know what the outcome could be if things go wrong..:

As Andre and Callum mention here, something that really gets your heart pumping is the seeing some diesel on the road. Knowing it’s too late to avoid it!!

Andre makes another good point, going riding with your friends can get a little out of control. We’ve all done it; you can get carried away, having a laugh, racing and overtaking… but it gets dangerous very fast:

One that we’ll probably have to face quite soon, heading into winter.. the weather. A lot of bikers hang up their leathers in winter, some like to ride right through to the bitter end. If you carry on riding, there’s no doubt you’ll have experienced some ‘oh dear god’ moments! Ice is obviously skiddy and snow can quickly turn to mush which can still be scary to ride on. But its all fun right?!

Was your biggest fear been mentioned here?! If not, let us know in the comments below..

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4 thoughts on “We Buy Any Bike have a question for bikers: What scares you the most when riding?”

  1. in my own riding I’ve had a few “brace yourself” moments but only one minor bump leading to a broken wrist. (Touch wood) However, without doubt my worst ever experience with bikes is getting a phone call from a very close friend’s mum that started with “he’s come off, he’s in hospital…” your mind runs a million scenarios but you can’t ask for fear of the answer.

    He recovered, not completely or quickly but in his scenario he got off lightly, young bodies heal better.

    1. Touch wood (again), I’ve also only had a few close calls but it makes your heart stop! To be honest my biggest fear is getting a phone call like that, I have a lot of friends that ride as well as my partner and Dad. Its a terrifying thought but I try to remember that brilliant quote; ‘don’t fear dying, fear not living’ and I guess the feeling of riding is worth the risk.
      Its amazing to hear he recovered, that’s the best possible outcome!

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