Cal Crutchlow – Leaving the Tech3 Yamaha

Cal Crutchlow

Well, I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard… Cal Crutchlow will be leaving the Tech3 Yamaha squad at the end of the season as he starts a whole new challenge next year with the Italian team, Ducati.

However, there was quite a lot of talk around this due to mainly one reason; Rossi, Hayden and even Dovizioso haven’t had the best of times on the Ducati this year. But my argument is.

It’s Motorsport, anything can happen

Cal Crutchlow hasn’t ridden a factory-supported motorcycle yet. Anything could happen. If it’s a good outcome for the Briton, he will ultimately look like our hero! And, let’s be honest… if it turns out he made the wrong decision he can hold his hands up and say, “Well, Rossi wasn’t able to succeed on the Ducati either..”

What fans say

Previous to the announcement that Cal was off to Ducati. Lots of fans of MotoGP and Cal were saying things like, “Cal should be getting a factory ride,” and “He’s a factory rider, he needs a factory bike.” But now he has a factory ride.. Nobody likes the thought of it and many of them were saying he should of stayed with Tech3 and the Yamaha. Make your mind up.

Back with old team-mate, Dovi, will that make a difference?

The British rider will be back with Dovizioso next year who he partnered last season at the Tech3 Yamaha team. The pair obviously know each other and how they work which has to be a benefit when joining a new team. Knowing each other and how they work might just change things in the Ducati camp.. It could make a difference because anything could happen.


Now to bring some humour into this blog, somebody tweeted about the Tech3 Yamaha squad missing out on a possible sponsor opportunity, so I thought well what could that be then? It turns out it was ‘Calpol’, the famous medication for children… But Cal and Pol… If Cal Crutchlow would have stayed at the squad and his 2014 replacement Pol Esparago would have joined him. You see… “Cal Pol”

World Champion

Cal thinks he can become World Champion (Yes, forget that Marquez is in MotoGP for a second) but why not? He’s a ballsy rider. A rider that is in the sport at the highest level to win it. Go big or go home… He can do it… Perhaps he’s the man Ducati are looking for?

If they sort a few things out and offer him everything that he needs I have no doubt that Cal could challenge the likes of Marquez, he’s a great British rider.

The MotoGP descends on Silverstone very soon so, give him a cheer..!

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