Venturing Abroad On A Motorcycle

Have you been dreaming of adventuring abroad on your motorcycle? We Buy Any Bike have written this guide, giving you information and tips to get you on your way!.. More and more people have started travelling abroad on their motorcycles, it’s a way to see and experience new places like no other.  A lot of … Continue reading “Venturing Abroad On A Motorcycle”

Must Have Gear When Adventure Riding

Packing for adventure motorcycle riding is a real skill, having the right gear makes the whole experience all the more enjoyable. Most people go adventure riding to explore new places and go off the beating track, which is fantastic but obviously takes you away from civilisation. So when packing you need to be as prepared … Continue reading “Must Have Gear When Adventure Riding”

Riding Trails & Camping In The Lake District

August bank holiday presented the perfect chance to pack our bikes and hit the road. As well as a holiday, this was an off road training trip for me. I have done a bit of off road riding before as we rode to Spain last year; there were loads of really nice flowing trails there. … Continue reading “Riding Trails & Camping In The Lake District”

Packing For A Motorcycle Camping Trip

Most bikers say they ride for the feeling of freedom. Going on a motorbike camping trip gives people the perfect opportunity to experience the ultimate sense of freedom, breathing fresh air in the great outdoors. With this experience comes more responsibility, it’s not like turning up at a hotel where you know there will be … Continue reading “Packing For A Motorcycle Camping Trip”

Interview: Solo World Rider, Rosie Gabrielle.

Many riders have the dream of one day setting off on their bikes and not looking back. Not having a return day set or back to work date confirmed, but hardly any people actually live this nomadic lifestyle. It takes a brave person to leave a comfortable, stable life and set off into the unknown. … Continue reading “Interview: Solo World Rider, Rosie Gabrielle.”

My Take On Riding A Motorcycle To Spain.

I passed my motorcycle test 8 months ago. I’ve wanted a motorbike licence for as long as I can remember, but something always seemed to take priority. It takes time, commitment training and quite a lot of money… and there was a part of me that never believed I would actually go for it. There … Continue reading “My Take On Riding A Motorcycle To Spain.”

UK’s Biker Friendly Counties: Where to go!

When riding to different counties, its good idea to know where to head. We Buy Any Bike have put this Bikers Guide together for you which includes suggestions of great accommodation, cafes and pubs: Cumbria Cumbria is one of the most stunning places for scenery in England, known for Cumberland Sausage and Kendal mint cake. … Continue reading “UK’s Biker Friendly Counties: Where to go!”

The Raglan Castle Mysteries

Lionel on his bike at Raglan Castle The Discovery Channel commissioned BBC TV Wales make a series for them called “Castles of Horror” on one channel and “Bloody Towers” on another — with me as their biker-presenter. On repeated long, hard rides of that kind, it’s good to know that the resources of Webuyanybike are … Continue reading “The Raglan Castle Mysteries”

Adventures at Cabo de Especial – I could still hold the Harley

On the way to Cabo de Especial on my Harley A few years ago, when I was doing a lot of TV work, some friends and colleagues at BBC Wales were approached by the Discovery Channel to make a series for them which was scheduled to be called “Castles of Horror” on one channel and … Continue reading “Adventures at Cabo de Especial – I could still hold the Harley”