Top 10 Motorcycle Hot Spots in Northern England

Today we thought we’d share our favourite biking hot spots in Northern England! If you fancy going to meet some like-minded bikers this weekend, or simply at any time at all, don’t forget to put these Northern hot spots on your hit list! 1 – Squires So, Squires was the first one that came to … Continue reading “Top 10 Motorcycle Hot Spots in Northern England”

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Bikers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching; with this in mind WeBuyAnyBike thought we’d accumulate some date ideas for our readers! Have you got any more in mind? Feel free to leave your thoughts down below! Travelling We had to change this one from ‘camping’, I had a second thought when I realised it’s pretty chilly outside … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Bikers”

Easter Egg Runs and Biker Events 2019

Being a biker is very exciting, especially at times like Easter when events happen that bring you and your fellow biker friends together. Now, some of us have been very eager in hosting Easter Egg Runs, some happened weeks ago! Since tomorrow brings the official Easter activities, We Buy Any Bike are here to give … Continue reading “Easter Egg Runs and Biker Events 2019”

Ducati Events In The UK 2019

In the UK, there are only a small handful of dedicated Ducati clubs, but this doesn’t stop the UK riders getting on their bikes on a nice summers day and riding along to some of the most exciting events of the year. Granted – it is the UK, so it’s not always a ‘nice’ summers … Continue reading “Ducati Events In The UK 2019”

Where To Find Ducati Owners Near You

In the UK, there are many people, like yourself that treasure their Ducati bikes. Statistics show that since January 2018, there have been just short of 3,800 registered Ducati motorcycles in the UK. Here at We Buy Any Bike – Ducati motorcycles are favourites for some people in the office, so you can only imagine … Continue reading “Where To Find Ducati Owners Near You”

Our Favourite Track Day Circuits in the UK

We all know that riding a motorcycle is a very fun experience, but sometimes the open road just doesn’t cut it. A lot of us thrive to ride somewhere with likeminded people; somewhere where you’re less likely to stumble across any obstructions. This ladies and gentlemen is where track day comes in! The team at … Continue reading “Our Favourite Track Day Circuits in the UK”

UK Motorcycle Festivals of Summer 2018

Schools are out, the summer is in full swing! This got the team here at bike trader, We Buy Any Bike discussing what events we are going to this year! Here are some of WeBuyAnyBike’s favourite UK motorcycle festivals, and some that are completely new to us! Withernsea Music & Bike Festival Situated in the … Continue reading “UK Motorcycle Festivals of Summer 2018”

Top 10 Motorcycle Museums in the UK

Here in England, we’re currently in the middle of summer. This got the bike trader WeBuyAnyBike team thinking about our favourite museums to ride out to. So, if you would like to learn about where the UK’s leading motorbike trader like to visit… just keep reading! Craven Collection of Classic Bikes We’re starting off the … Continue reading “Top 10 Motorcycle Museums in the UK”

Biking Gear for Hot Weather

Here in England, we’ve been blessed with some gloriously hot weather for quite some time now. As bikers, we’ve got a love-hate relationship with the sun. I mean, let’s face it, we’d love to love it, but the concept of being safe and not too hot in these conditions, sometimes just doesn’t mix quite well! … Continue reading “Biking Gear for Hot Weather”

The Lonely Ride Out – Don`t forget your Money, Money Money

The weather was just on the turn, summer into autumn, and I found myself on a bike ride with no biking chums for the weekend. What`s a gal to do but don her leathers and get the funk out, solo style! I decided to treat myself to my favourite dales ride, with the intention of … Continue reading “The Lonely Ride Out – Don`t forget your Money, Money Money”