Let’s Talk TT – 2018

This week, the Isle of Man TT celebrates its 111th birthday! Situated in the evident place that is the Isle of Man, the beautifully situated race holds a home to many twists and turns. It is also commonly known to be one of the most dangerous routes in the world. The motorbike event itself dates … Continue reading “Let’s Talk TT – 2018”

Women Riders: The Pioneers

Women riders have achieved outstanding things throughout history. It’s easy to forget we once lived in a society which was extremely adverse to women motorcyclists; it was unheard of for females to have a bike licence, to race or even join a motorcycle club. Sometimes you need to look back through history to really see … Continue reading “Women Riders: The Pioneers”

Evolution of the Honda Gold Wing

The Honda Gold Wing is still going strong in 2016, who saw that coming? I’m sure the designers and engineers hoped for the very best. I doubt any of them imagined what the Gold Wing would do to the motorcycle industry. The famous flat-four cylinder. 999cc GL1000 Gold Wing was released at the Cologne Motorcycle … Continue reading “Evolution of the Honda Gold Wing”

The Greatest Road Race In The World Is Back! It’s TT Time.

There is no race on earth that can compare to the TT. Held on a seemingly never-ending track. It is 37 miles full of twists, bumps, bends walls, manholes and so on… It is one of a kind. The Isle of Man TT is one of the most prestigious motorbike events in the world. Its … Continue reading “The Greatest Road Race In The World Is Back! It’s TT Time.”

London Motorcycle Culture – Mod or Rocker?!

So when did motorcycles start making an appearance in history? What role did they play in London’s culture? Motorcycles are descended from the ‘Safely bicycle’. A bike with front and rear wheels which were the same size. With a pedal crank mechanism driving the rear wheel. There were many landmark developments around the same time … Continue reading “London Motorcycle Culture – Mod or Rocker?!”

Triumph – The Never Ending Battle

Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood and Elvis Presley made them cool in the fifties and sixties, but after this reigning period Triumph had to fight to avoid the scrapheap. Triumph Motorcycles is now one of the largest, most iconic British bike manufacturers in the world. There is a remarkable history in the company’s timeline, showing the … Continue reading “Triumph – The Never Ending Battle”

Harley-Davidson.. What are they all about?!

Harley History Everyone has heard of Harley-Davidson. They have done an incredible job of becoming an iconic American motorcycle manufacturer. So where did they come from and what are they all about? Harley-Davidson was founded out of a shed in 1903. By William S Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson, in Wisconsin. Harley and the … Continue reading “Harley-Davidson.. What are they all about?!”

Motorbike and Sidecar Extraordinaire – The DNEPR experience

Well, there I was minding my own business when I received a call suggesting I took a ride in a gentleman`s conveyance. Who was I to refuse? “What is it,” I asked? “A motorbike and sidecar from Ukraine; a 1992 DNEPR MT11” came the response. Well, that was all new to me. We met at … Continue reading “Motorbike and Sidecar Extraordinaire – The DNEPR experience”

Malcolm Uphill and Triumph Motorbikes – More Motorbike Stories

Malcolm Uphill: Birth and School Days Malcolm was born in 1935 and lived in Trecenydd near Caerphilly in South Wales. He was educated at the Twyn School in Caerphilly and then at the local secondary modern school. A 1950 498cc Ariel   Early Working Life After leaving school, Malcolm was given an apprenticeship at the … Continue reading “Malcolm Uphill and Triumph Motorbikes – More Motorbike Stories”

Survival Of The Fittest – Ambassador & Panther

Ambassador Super/S 250cc 1959 model If Darwin had studied machinery as well as living organisms, his theory of evolution could well have shown how the survival of the fittest applied to motorbikes as well as to plants and animals. The travel environment changes over time and transport changes with it. A fascinating day spent in … Continue reading “Survival Of The Fittest – Ambassador & Panther”