12 Motorbike Documentary Films You Don’t Want To Miss!

There’s nothing better than a nice relaxing evening watching a documentary. Well, I tell a lie – there is something better, and that’s riding a motorbike. However, when we’re not on the roads or in the office, you can probably find us sat in front of the TV watching a documentary! We Buy Any Bike … Continue reading “12 Motorbike Documentary Films You Don’t Want To Miss!”

20 Worldwide Motorcycle Events to Attend in 2020

Worldwide motorcycle events… this is something new for us to cover! Any excuse for a trip away right? It’s even better when you’re probably going to meet some up and coming bikes at their exclusive viewing, before the rest of the eyes in the world can see! In today’s post, We Buy Any Bike are … Continue reading “20 Worldwide Motorcycle Events to Attend in 2020”

Ducati Events In The UK 2019

In the UK, there are only a small handful of dedicated Ducati clubs, but this doesn’t stop the UK riders getting on their bikes on a nice summers day and riding along to some of the most exciting events of the year. Granted – it is the UK, so it’s not always a ‘nice’ summers … Continue reading “Ducati Events In The UK 2019”

Evel Knievel – Historic Jumps Recreated

The internet has been going wild yet again, but this time it is for a different reason! This time, an American stuntman has performed some very similar stunts by the famous and fearless American stunt master, Evel Knievel. Reading about this event got the team here at motorbike trader, We Buy Any Bike very interested … Continue reading “Evel Knievel – Historic Jumps Recreated”

Guest Blog: 9 Events Worth Riding 2017

The sun is out, the roads are finally dry and all you want to do is get on your motorbike and put some miles on the odometer. Europe is home to some of the world’s most beautiful country and coastal roads that make for scenic summer day or weekend trips. If you’re looking for a … Continue reading “Guest Blog: 9 Events Worth Riding 2017”

Motorcycle Live 2013 at the NEC 23 November -1 December. – A great show for the `never beens`

Well, the fabulous NEC Motorcycle Live 2013 is still reverberating a couple of weeks on! As a virgin to this legendary event, it filled my head with numerous thoughts and endless possibilities as to what to do on two wheels (even trikes or monowheels!). I found it good value as I had blagged a reduced … Continue reading “Motorcycle Live 2013 at the NEC 23 November -1 December. – A great show for the `never beens`”

Motorbikes at the NEC – Handy Guide

If you’re heading to the NEC for your fix of motorcycles this weekend or even during the week.. Then read on I’ve got a handy guide for you before you set off for your journey to Birmingham. Although, if you’re not going (like me!) then you’re not alone.. You can still read all about what … Continue reading “Motorbikes at the NEC – Handy Guide”