How To Care For & Maintain Your Electric Motorcycle

In the not-too-distant future, electric motorcycles will be the main market for motorbikes. Over the last few years, the automotive industry has seen a steep increase in the purchase of electric vehicles. According to the IDTechEx, in 2020 electric motorbikes sales went up by 50% in Europe. Every motorbike is different. When buying a new … Continue reading “How To Care For & Maintain Your Electric Motorcycle”

Pros and Cons of Winter Riding

Riding a motorcycle in the winter is annoyingly beautiful. We say this because some of the scenes you get on the road are breathtaking, but it can be so dangerous – especially for new riders! Taking this in mind, We Buy Any Bike have put together some pros and cons to winter riding, in a … Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Winter Riding”

What To Do If Your Bike Has Been Stolen and How To Stop It

Stolen motorcycles are unfortunately a more common thing than we realise. Regardless of how experienced the perpetrator is, or whether or not you get your bike back, it is something that we all dread. Studies show that there are around 40,000 motorcycles per year that are stolen in the UK. Now, although that may be … Continue reading “What To Do If Your Bike Has Been Stolen and How To Stop It”

CBT And Beyond: Getting Your First Bike

So, you’ve heard about your CBT, but getting a bike isn’t just about that. Getting your first bike is a really exciting thought. But where do you start? Also, how much would it be? There are a lot of questions that we often ask ourselves. We Buy Any Bike are here to help! Here is … Continue reading “CBT And Beyond: Getting Your First Bike”

How to Prepare for a Ride in the Rain

Here in the UK, we’re unfortunately quite experienced with rain, but for beginner motorcyclists, it can be quite daunting. If you’re new to two wheels, here’s a post by bike trader We Buy Any Bike on how you can prepare yourself and your bike for a ride in the rain! The Gear This is the … Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Ride in the Rain”

9 Tips to Prevent You From Buying a Cloned Bike

Buying a bike that has been cloned is everyone’s worst nightmare. Sadly, many people fall victim to it. We all get excited when buying a new bike that we just can’t wait to show off to our riding buddies. Just imagine telling them all about it, planning a ride out, then not being able to … Continue reading “9 Tips to Prevent You From Buying a Cloned Bike”

6 Unique Ways to Up-Cycle an Old Tyre!

Worn tyre? No problem. It can be quite disappointing when you get back off a nice ride then come to the realisation that your tyres are simply not fit for the roads anymore. It’s time for change! If you’re anything like me, your worn tyre will be left in your garage for about a week. … Continue reading “6 Unique Ways to Up-Cycle an Old Tyre!”

Guest Post: The Law on Motorcycle Number Plates

It’s no secret that motorcycles contribute heavily to the coolest vehicles on the planet lists. Maybe you’re riding a matt black Harley Davidson Fat Boy, preferably during a hot summer on open roads. Or maybe a Kawasaki Ninja in search of that adrenaline rush that only motorbikes can give to you. There’s a reason that … Continue reading “Guest Post: The Law on Motorcycle Number Plates”

Harley-Davidson Clubs in the UK

Statistically, the amount of Harley owners in the US is decreasing, in the UK, however – it is on the rise! If the UK had the population of the United States, not only would it be very cramped, but we’d be smashing the ratio on Harley owners to non-Harley owners. I mean, if that were … Continue reading “Harley-Davidson Clubs in the UK”

5 Safety Tips For New Riders

We Buy Any Bike would like to thank Thompsons Solicitors for sharing these 5 Safety Tips for New Riders with our readers!… There’s no doubt that riding a motorcycle on the road for the first time since passing your test is a thrilling experience. However, riding a motorcycle without learner plates means that you’re assumed … Continue reading “5 Safety Tips For New Riders”