Tips On Motorcycle Riding In A Group

When riding on your own you have the choice to take breaks when you want, the route you like and go at your own pace. Whereas riding with others is a shared experience. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of riding in a big group. I like to make last minute changes to my route … Continue reading “Tips On Motorcycle Riding In A Group”

Ever Been Pulled Over On A Motorcycle?

The winds in your hair and you’re feeling free as bird! Then you hear the dreaded sound of sirens, your heart drops and you pull to a stop. You’ve been caught out! Thing is while you’re having fun and going the speed of light, your mind can drift and suddenly your over the speed limit. … Continue reading “Ever Been Pulled Over On A Motorcycle?”

GUEST BLOG: The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Responsible Road Riding

Road fatality data reveals that motorcyclists lost more lives than any other vehicle category. Alertness and judicious driving are a must to ensure motorcycle safety. A motorcyclist has to be sober, maintain visibility and use only approved helmets at all times. Check out this helpful infographic by SoloMoto for a visual guide to motorcycle safety … Continue reading “GUEST BLOG: The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Responsible Road Riding”

Common Mistakes Novice Bikers Make

Everyone makes mistakes while riding, whether you’ve been biking for years or you’re a novice. The hope is mistakes get less as experience gets more. Learning to ride a motorcycle takes a while, there’s a lot to process when you first start and it can feel a bit alien. We Buy Any Bike are going … Continue reading “Common Mistakes Novice Bikers Make”

Top Tips For Saving Fuel On A Motorcycle

With petrol prices forever on the up, having a little knowhow when it comes to saving fuel is a good idea. We Buy Any Bike have created this guide to help you spend less at the station: Maintain Speed Riding at a steady consistent speed is a tried, tested and proven way to save on … Continue reading “Top Tips For Saving Fuel On A Motorcycle”

Motorcycle Jacking: Be Prepared

Unfortunately, motorcycle jacking in the UK is on the up. According to the Office for National Statistics for England and Wales, in the year leading to March 2017 there has been a 10% increase in all vehicle theft compared to 2016. Motor theft reached 91,433, which is an increase of more than 15,000 compared to … Continue reading “Motorcycle Jacking: Be Prepared”

Road Rage As A Motorcyclist

Road Rage. We’ve all experienced or been part of it at some point. It’s a strange thing which can bring out some bizarre behaviour in people. Bikers are a vulnerable group of road users, people getting angry behind the wheel or handlebars is a dangerous thing. You’ve just got to check out YouTube or Facebook … Continue reading “Road Rage As A Motorcyclist”

Packing For A Motorcycle Camping Trip

Most bikers say they ride for the feeling of freedom. Going on a motorbike camping trip gives people the perfect opportunity to experience the ultimate sense of freedom, breathing fresh air in the great outdoors. With this experience comes more responsibility, it’s not like turning up at a hotel where you know there will be … Continue reading “Packing For A Motorcycle Camping Trip”

Filtering through traffic on a motorbike: What’s the deal?

The subject of motorcycle filtering can be a heated one, there are some people who still believe that this is a bad and reckless thing to do. The fact is, filtering is indeed legal. However it must be done with due care and attention, but what does that mean exactly? What can be done and … Continue reading “Filtering through traffic on a motorbike: What’s the deal?”

Best Tips When Picking Up A Dropped Bike

Something most riders dread is dropping their bike, it’s going to happen at some point but it’s the not knowing when that’s the killer. Especially when you’re a new rider, it can be scary going out on your own and thinking that if the bike does drops, you aren’t with anyone who could help. This … Continue reading “Best Tips When Picking Up A Dropped Bike”