Limited Edition: 1977 Unboxed Triumph Bonneville!

If you’re one of our Twitter followers (if you’re not, you can follow us here), you may or may not have noticed that we re-tweeted a particular post about an unboxed Triumph Bonneville from 1977. If you haven’t noticed, then, of course, you don’t have to worry! Motorbike Trader, WeBuyAnyBike is here to tell the … Continue reading “Limited Edition: 1977 Unboxed Triumph Bonneville!”

The Bosch Jet Thruster – What’s It All About?!

You may, or may not have heard, that Bosch has come up with quite an interesting new safety feature for up and coming bikes. Interesting is an understatement, to say the least! The team at the UK’s leading motorbike trader, WeBuyAnyBike have taken to the web to investigate this feature. Let’s Start with Bosch. We … Continue reading “The Bosch Jet Thruster – What’s It All About?!”

Harley-Davidson’s Summer Internship

Have you ever imagined learning to ride on a Harley-Davidson? Well, now’s your lucky day! Rumour has it that the team have a new internship under works, and they’re recruiting people right now! Well, it’s not really a rumour; it’s more of a fact! Yes, that’s right; it’s actually happening! So, you know that friend … Continue reading “Harley-Davidson’s Summer Internship”

Eight New Harley Davidson’s To Be Released In 2018

Harley Davidson is celebrating its 115th year anniversary, and they plan on making it one to remember. Harley has confirmed they will be releasing eight new exciting motorcycles, inspiring a whole new generation of people to join in on the fun. This will be the largest product development project ever for the company! Levatich (CEO) … Continue reading “Eight New Harley Davidson’s To Be Released In 2018”

How To Maximize The Resale Value Of Your Bike

Adventure Bike Rider recently teamed up with the We Buy Any Bike experts. In an effort to explain how you can try and maximise the value of your bike! Check out the full article here: With so many new bikes coming out year on year. The temptation is always there to upgrade to the latest model. In a … Continue reading “How To Maximize The Resale Value Of Your Bike”

Video Edit Of Riding My Motorbike To Spain!

A Trip to Spain! Jenny from the We Buy Any Bike team just rode her CB500X to Spain, here is a video edit that pretty much sums up her adventure up! Enjoy!… “I passed my motorcycle test 8 months ago. I’ve wanted a motorbike licence for as long as I can remember, but something always seemed … Continue reading “Video Edit Of Riding My Motorbike To Spain!”