5 Tips To Cheaper Motorbike Insurance

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Motorcycle insurance is a must for people riding on the roads, the consequences for not having the correct cover can be quite severe. Its definitely not worth taking the risk of having no insurance, but you also don’t want to go bankrupt in the process!

In this article We Buy Any Bike are going to outline a few tips and tricks to getting cheaper motorcycle insurance:

 1. Comparison Websites

It’s surprising how many people just take the first quote that comes their way. Comparison websites are a great tool to use, all you need to do is enter your information, click compare and they do the rest. These websites compare multiple brokers and insurance companies at once, meaning you can do half the work and still get the best results. It’s better to try a few comparison websites, as they may have different affiliates and cheaper deals to propose. So shop around, you have nothing to lose and important information to gain, for free.

Comparison Websites

 2. Advanced Riding

Going for advanced training is excellent for all involved, making you safer on the roads can only be good news. However something that isn’t mentioned that much, is the effect it will have on your insurance premiums. Having an advanced riding course under your belt can actually cut your premiums by as much as 20%. Also the obvious one, but if you’re a better rider, you’re less likely to crash. So it’s an all round win.

Suggested Courses:

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 3. Riding Solo

If you don’t intend to take a pillion, try dropping this from your policy and see what difference it makes. When using the comparison websites mentioned above, you can adjust the information slightly. So see what your quote is like, with and without pillion cover. Of course it depends on how often you have someone on the back, the cover might be needed!

Something to mention is that if you opt out of pillion cover, then decide to nip around the corner with a passenger you are not covered in the event of an accident, and its illegal.

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 4. Get Your Haggle On

Renewal quotes can be pure madness. Never, ever accept your renewal quote without some research first. These quotes rely on lazy people who can’t really be bothered to do a comparison each year. The company will just enroll you for another year and crank the rate right up (crossing their fingers and hoping you don’t notice!).

It’s a good move to call your insurer up and ask for a lower price, remind them that you’re a loyal customer and would hate to leave them.. If you have used a comparison website and it produced an extremely low rate, give your current insurer a chance to match it. You can save hundreds by just making a few phone calls.

 5. Bike Security

Having security precursors in place will not only help you sleep easier, but might take your premium right down. However it’s worth adjusting your quote to with and without security measures, if it makes no difference to the price; don’t mention what specific security you use. This might sound a bit dodgy but some insurers have been known to use the ‘none use’ of an item as a way of not paying out. For example, if you have filled out your insurance form stating you use an Oxford chain but at the time of the robbery you used a different brand of chain.. the insurer may take advantage of this.

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If we’ve missed something in this article that should have been mentioned, let us know in the comments below!  

9 thoughts on “5 Tips To Cheaper Motorbike Insurance”

  1. I am looking into what motorbike insurance is like since me and my boyfriend are wanting to get matching bikes and this would be our first time having insurance on them. You said that it helps to compare websites and quotes that have the same coverage so that you know what you are paying and what you are paying for. That will be a great idea to not look at the first quote given to me. Thanks for the awesome help.

  2. My brother is interested in learning how to ride motorcycles. He has been saving up for a motorcycle for a while now and is thinking about buying one for his birthday. If he wants one I think he should get insurance as well and get things like bike security.

  3. Thanks for mentioning how you should take the time to check for insurance coverage when looking for a good bike. It is important to remember that doing some research and understanding what type of coverage you want to have can help you get the help you need with your motorcycle. I am planning on getting a bike and want to make sure I learn as much as I can about how to get one before buying it, so I’m glad I found your page.

  4. You’ve got some great tips for buying motorcycle insurance. I like how you said that keeping the bike locked up and secure can actually lower insurance costs. My wife is finally letting me buy a bike, so I’ll remember this!

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