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6 Custom Bikes of 2019

At some point last year, we featured some of our favourite custom bikes of 2018. This year, the team here at WeBuyAnyBike found ourselves having a good old gander online at some more beauties. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d share them with you! Here are our top 7...

BMW S1000XR ‘STR10’

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First up we have a bike that comes straight from Switzerland, Made by owner of VTR Customs – a sister company of BMW Stoki2Rad, Dani Weidmann. The STR10 is actually a twin-project, sort of. Obviously, BMW dealerships get access to the demos a little bit before they’re properly released. This can be very handy, and especially exciting when a dealership has a custom chain! When Stoki2Rad got hold of the new R1000RR and the R1000XR, it caught the eye of Weidmann. Before long, sneaked them off to his workshop!

When approaching the project, Weidmann had an idea. He wanted to adapt the motorcycle to be loved by various audiences, making sure had an element of supermoto, mixed with street tracker, and adding a little bit of a street fighter vibe to it too. Weidmann wanted the rare breed to appeal to a wider audience, so he added highsider LED’s to make sure the bike would remain street legal.

Some other features include Magura bars, Rizoma Gas Cap, along with upgraded controls too. He said he called it theSTR10 (Street Tracker 10) “because 1000 is too long race!”

Triumph Street Twin ‘Street Sleeper’


This beauty has had some minimal tweeking. Owner of the bike, Efe Eke asked custom bike specialist, Bunker Custom Cycles to do a simple but handsome doo-er-upper on a Triumph Bonneville, adding some matte black paint for the finishing touches. You can head over to Efe’s Instagram page here to see it in action!

Bunker Custom Cycles is a company in Turkey run by 2 brothers; Can Uzer and Mert Uzer. The pair started the company after being unable to find the perfect bike for them, so they made their own. This proved a success, so they went on to do the same for other people!

This bike features an aluminium gel-inserted seat pan with a brown leather cover, a custom front fender, and they have shortened the subframe by 10cm. They have also introduced some products from TEC bike parts; new mufflers, catalytic converter eliminator handlebars, along with many other added extras. Head on over to Bike Exif to read all about it!



Built by founder of Merlin Cycleworks, Mark Kuori, the Restomod was a modern take on the original. Kuori took inspiration by thinking ‘what if they had all this technology back in 1972’, and with that, he started his project.

Mark Kuori’s background isn’t with motorcycles at all – he’s actually an aircraft mechanic! At least we’ll know who to turn to if bikes end up having wings in the future... right?  Anyway, the Restomod was bought for a prime little price of $600. The aim of the game was to increase the power, handling and reliability of the bike, and we can only speak for what we’ve seen, but Kuori seems pretty content with the finished result!

Some features include, Wiseco oversized 10.5: pistons, Kibblewhite ‘Black Diamond’ valves, and even a custom-ground Megacycle race cam! Kuori even made the exhaust himself! – Read more here.

Triumph Cold Brew Custom Cafe Racer with Sidecar


At some point in time, in a bar ‘down under’, founder of Purpose Built Moto, Tom Gilroy met up with two friends who gave him the idea of creating a custom motorcycle and sidecar as a little delivery service for local cafe Vittoria Cold Brew Coffee – hence the name!

During it’s time out of the office, and away from its sister sidecar, the Triumph Cold Brew Cafe Racer enjoys letting her hair down on the open Australian roads – just like any motorcycle really!

Complete with a stylish white body and beautiful vintage coffee brown leather seating, the bike and sidecar are both absolute head turners. Originally a 2009 Triumph Scrambler, the modified version features 54mm polished USD fork twin disc brakes, custom triple clamp, and much more! Head on over to Tom’s blog over on the official Purpose Built Moto website to read the detailed story on how this bike and sidecar came to fruition.

This is a creation that I wish we had in the UK. You never know – it might go on holiday one day!

Custom Ducati Monster 821 - Pantah


Here we have another appearance from one of our favourite builders, Pepo Rosell! We featured his Doud Maquina in last year’s post, and after having a good old gander on his website, we had to include his Pantah on this one.

Just a quick re-cap, if you haven’t read our previous post. Before he made his name under XTR, Pepo was a renowned co-owner of Radical Ducati with fellow builder Reyes Ramon. The pair ran the company, uniquely reconstructing Ducati motorcycles for 15 years. After a short break, Pepo missed his old ways, so he set up XTR Pepo (Extreme Pepo) in 2015 and has been going strong ever since!

One of his latest creations was the Pantah. Yes, you read that right – the real deal isn’t in construction anymore, they finished building them in 1986, but Pepo was inspired. He took a Monster 821, completely stripped it down, and rebuilt the whole thing. Taking inspiration from the Pantah of course – and stealing its name!  

Complete with carbon parts, Ohlins rear shock, a Spark 2-in-1 exhaust, and lots of other parts. But what makes this bike so unique – aside from the colours, are the parts that Pepo has made himself. These parts include, the custom clip-ons (of course), fairings, windscreen, tank, lighting, and the seat. Now, I don’t know about you, and I can see why he’s done it because the seat looks identical to the original Pantah, but it doesn’t look very comfy. On another note, some would probably keep this as a decoration piece, what do you think?

Tokwa Party Garage’s Custom Mad Bob


Once upon a time, a motorcyclist called Paolo approached Jerish Abac and his team over at Tokwa Party Garage, and the request went something like this... “I really like the Triumph Bobber but could you by any chance turn a Honda Rebel into one?”. Granted, the team were set with a challenge. But, it wasn’t long before things started to look pretty perky on the custom bike front – I mean, that’s what they do best!

In a workshop in the Philippinian town of Manila the team started work on the Rebel 500. In the end, they conducted a list of everything that ‘made’ the bike. This is what they came up with:

  • Custom made front fork covers, as wellas front & rear fender & belly pan – complete with an aluminium sheet.
  • A new Seat
  • Alternative exhaust system
  • New Battery Box
  • Kellerman Lights
  • All new paint on the bike!

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6 Aug 2019

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