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In the UK, there are many people, like yourself that treasure their Ducati bikes. Statistics show that since January 2018, there have been just short of 3,800 registered Ducati motorcycles in the UK. Here at We Buy Any Bike – Ducati motorcycles are favourites for some people in the office, so you can only imagine the excitement when we get an acceptance through on an offer. Luckily enough for us – it happens quite often.

The Ducati population in the UK is growing steadily, with this in mind; we’ve done our research once again. Here are the best places you can find fellow Ducati owners in a town near you!

Join a Club!

Last week, we featured the Harley-Davidson clubs in the UK. Unfortunately, there weren’t as many clubs today, but nevertheless, there are some.

Ducati Sporting Club

UK Monster Club

A club for Monster owners!

Scottish Ducati Club

A Club for Ducati owners up North… you don’t have to be from Scotland!

Ducati Owners Club GB

These guys are a huge collection of riders across the UK – they have branches all over Britain – including these places (On a PC? Press CTRL +F to find one near you):

  1. Bedfordshire
  2. Berkshire & Oxfordshire
  3. Bristol
  4. Cambridge
  5. Cornwall
  6. Devon
  7. Dorset
  8. East Lancashire
  9. East Yorkshire
  10. Essex
  11. Kent
  12. East Midlands
  13. London
  14. Manchester
  15. Mid Anglia
  16. Nene Valley
  17. New Forest
  18. North Lincolnshire
  19. North Yorkshire
  20. Northamptonshire
  21. Northern Ireland
  22. Oxford
  23. Somerset
  24. South Wales
  25. Staffordshire
  26. Surrey
  27. Sussex
  28. West Midlands
  29. Wirral


Not only are these a great way to make some biker friends, but the salesmen will probably be able to help you out with some other clubs that I may have missed! It will also be your playground – think about all the eye candy – and you can show your bike off. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of official Ducati Dealerships scattered around the UK – nevertheless, it gives you a great excuse to get your wheels out doesn’t it?! They are located in Carlisle, Glasgow, Newcastle, Preston, Leeds, Manchester, Clwyd, and Northern Ireland.


We get it, these sites are 9 times out of 10 scattered across the world, but forums and Facebook groups are a great way to find fellow riders near you. Its how most clubs are formed these days and it can be a fun way of finding routes in and around your area – or you could put out some recommendations and find friends along the way! Here are some forums that we have found:

Go on a Track Day

This is another great way to meet fellow Ducati riders. Ducati bikes are some of the most powerful around, and they’re also some of the most popular on the track! We featured a post not too long ago listing the team favourite circuits in the UK – check it out here!

Do you want to sell your Ducati?

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If you are looking to sell a Ducati – why not get a quick valuation for FREE right here on our website! We Buy Any Bike are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who offer quick bike valuations for UK bikers, we specialise in Ducati motorcycles offering the best prices around! See what we will offer and call our team today on 01274 600 224 or email your bike with some pictures to info@webuyanybike.com.

Once you have accepted our offer, we will then call you to discuss payment and arrange your next-day FREE collection slot! Don’t forget… WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest!

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