Guest Blog: Can a Motorcycle be better than 10 psychologists? Image
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Guest Blog: Can a Motorcycle be better than 10 psychologists?

A motorcycle or a psychologist? This is how Titus from came to his decision..

Here I am, over 40.

In spite of the fact that now I understand much better what is happening around me. Even if sometimes I feel that responsibility is putting too much pressure on my shoulders. I still remember my vision about life from when I was 25.

Well, the years just rolled by from when I was 25. The age when you feel that your boss is extremely stupid. You see yourself in his place in a couple of months.

It took me some long time to achieve that and it was much harder than I thought at the beginning.

It took many years to see my daughter grow up, become an adolescent. Just when I thought that we understood each other... She told me that she’s always right and I’m always wrong.

I needed a long time to understand. Not always the people who say "I will stand by you forever" really mean it. Sometimes it takes a long time to recover from the disappointments.

Like that wasn’t enough. I started to feel harder and harder the years of paying off the mortgage on my house. In all this "normality" time had done its job. It had slowly started to take away from me the people which I loved most. I looked at the bunch of money from my hand and I realized it was that much. The inheritance from my dad.

I started to feel the pressure coming from everywhere: job, bank, teenage daughter, consumerist society. On top of that, the hardest thing, my missing dad.

Most of my friends told me to consult a psychologist in order to clear my head and in few years. I might become happy with my life. Only two of my old friends, from my youth, suggested I should buy a motorcycle...

The choice was hard to make but, in the end, I took my old buddy’s advice.

I bought a motorcycle!!!

image of motorcycle in the mountains

I felt like I was 25 again.
Being happy and running away from home with only some clothes in my backpack. In my first long solo motorcycle journey, I stopped 5 times in 60 km. That’s how much adrenaline ran through my veins at that moment. I started to discover things along the road, which I have never noticed before. The smelt smells, I felt the bumps from the road, I felt the rain and even more so, the sun; I felt happy and free! image of motorbike in the snow capped mountains I love my motorbike and I prefer to spend my time in the saddle instead of on the psychologist couch. For me, becoming a motorcyclist it worked perfectly, much better than going to 10 psychologists! I became motorcyclist at over 40 and I advised my friends to become motorcyclists too. I already spent with my motorcycle over 80 000 km of fabulous roads. Now, the normality looks different, much more close to my reality. Even my daughter says I’m right, from time to time..? Buying my motorcycle was my best investment ever. Thanks, dad! image of Happy motorcyclist image of motorcyclist resting against their motorbike Thanks to, for sharing this inspiring blog with We Buy Any Bike!


17 Mar 2017

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