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How I sold my motorbike with WeBuyAnyBike

When we say we are the UK’s leading motorbike buyer, we really do mean it. However, you don’t just have to take our word for it - here, one of our most recent customers tells us about their experience selling their BMW motorbike on

Time to sell my motorbike…

“With miles on the clock creeping up, the peak summer months approaching, and my eye on a few new models, it felt like the right time to sell my motorbike. I wanted to avoid the time and hassle of selling my bike privately, so after a quick search online I discovered WeBuyAnyBike. They had a great Trustpilot rating, and the whole process appeared really quick and simple”.

Getting my motorbike ready for sale

“Before I began the process of selling my bike, I gave it a thorough clean, as well as carrying out some routine maintenance, including checking the oil level and condition of the tyres. I also made sure I had all my motorbikes paperwork to hand, including my V5 logbook and service/MOT history. I knew that all of this would affect my motorbike valuation, so it’s certainly worth doing”.

How much is my bike worth?

“The first step to selling my motorbike, was to use WeBuyAnyBike's online form to get my FREE valuation offer. This was quick and easy, all I had to do was submit my bikes registration number, mileage and a few other details, and I was sent an immediate email to buy my bike".


Booking an appointment to sell my bike

“The next step in the process was to book an appointment, and choose a time and date to sell my bike. I didn’t have to worry about the time and effort involved in getting my bike delivered to them, as they came and collected it for FREE. The guy who collected my bike was friendly, professional, and really knew his stuff. After he had inspected my bike, and was happy it met my description, the original quote price was agreed, and my bike was sold. There was no haggling or time-wasting, the whole process went smoothly”.

Receiving payment for my bike

“Another great thing about selling my bike with WeBuyAnyBike was that I received payment for it within 4 working days. I could then start the fun part, of looking for my next set of wheels."

“If you have a motorcycle to sell, then I can’t recommend using WeBuyAnyBike enough. The whole process ran smoothly from submitting my registration, to handing over my keys and getting the money in my bank. It was quick, professional and I’d definitely sell my motorbike with them again”.

If you are also thinking “I want to sell my motorcycle” then you can do so quickly and easily on Use the form on our homepage to get a motorbike valuation and in a few simple steps we will buy your bike.




20 Jun 2023

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