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Bachelors on Two Wheels: A Hungary Adventure

Planning the usual with something unusual

There is a moment in everyone’s life when their best friend is getting married, so you have to come up with a kind of usual idea for celebration but in an unusual way. You know that the group has been on two wheels ever since you met each other and must make it the best experience ever. That is the point when you realize that it is time for a nice road trip in Europe that will be the perfect Stag Do for your precious friend! And for this, there is the perfect road to the heart of Europe, Budapest, Hungary.

Note that this little guide is mainly focusing on Hungary’s roads so from the UK to Hungary the planning is just a brief idea hint.

The beginning of your Adventure

The fastest and easiest way to get to Europe is the Eurotunnel in Folkestone, get your bikes on it and in 35 minutes you are already in one of the most beautiful countries, France.

As a starting point, from here you have the widest range of possibilities to plan your journey to Hungary. You can head towards a lot of directions from France. Cross it and head to Germany or Switzerland or just take a short trip to the country and go for Belgium and Holland. All in all, it will be the beginning of the journey with around 990 Miles.

Towards any of these countries, your priority is to get to Austria, Vienna which is in the neighborhood of Hungary.


The Road To Budapest (213 Miles)

From Vienna, you should first take the A2 motorway towards Graz and then the A3 towards Sopron (47 Miles). In Sopron, you can make a short stop in the city centre and take a walk in the Old Town or take a nice cup of coffee or tea. From Sopron, you have to get on Road 84-85 then M85 to get to Győr (58 Miles). Győr or named by the rivers that cross it the “City of Rivers” is a nice peaceful city where you can also take a walk and eat something at a local restaurant.

After the second stop, you should head towards Szentendre going through Esztergom. To reach Esztergom you have to take the E60 motorway then the M1 until Tatabánya and from there the Road 117 which takes you to Esztergom. Every city on this way is a beauty on its own and in  Esztergom, you can visit the basilica.


The last place before you arrive in Budapest is Szentendre which you can reach from Esztergom on Road 11. In Szentendre, you can check the village museum, take a walk next to the Danube or just hang around before arriving in the capital city.

From Szentendre, it’s only a 14-Mile trip on Road 11 to get to your final destination the capital of Hungary.

A week of rest, fun and sightseeing

The hunger for fun but the need for rest is at its maximum when you arrive in Budapest, after packing down and occupying your accommodation you can put your bikes down at indoor, safe parking lots, which have 24-7 security and does not cost a fortune and the perfectly planned Stag Do begins.

Apart from the incredible sights of Budapest at the Citadel and Liberty Statue, you can check the Parliament, Heroes Square, Central Market Hall or the Grand Synagogue in the centre of the city. If you like art and culture, don’t miss out on the museums of the city.

Budapest is also famous for its Ruin Bars, Pub Crawls, Stag Parties, Spas, Spa Parties, Beer Biking, Quad Riding in normal or extreme circumstances and all the fun a person needs if you want to heat up the activities around yourself. Combine all these with your group of stag doers and you will realize that anyone’s wish can be fulfilled.

Usually, there are companies or event organizers who will help you out if you want to plan the road trip first, but also there has to be someone who does the program planning if there is something unusual or non-drinking requirement. But partying is not everything, the Hungarian cuisine and traditional drinks are something you can never miss!

The most famous food and drinks:

  • The Gulyás Soup: a stew full of beef, vegetables, and spices.
  • Hungarian Vines: Hungary has 22 vine regions some of them are world famous.
  • Pálinka: Fruity flavored brandy with various tastes

And last but not least the thermal baths in Budapest are also world-famous and must-try places. The thermal water that Hungary has is known for its medical benefits. It is especially recommended to visit one of these bathhouses and spend there a day so when you are getting back on your bike you will be in perfect shape to drive.


The last part of the journey

After a week full of action, fun, exploring and resting the time to head home has come. Luckily there is still stuff to see on the motorbike friendly roads of Hungary before you leave the country and get on the motorways.

First things first check your vehicle, make sure you are safe to start. Safety first! On your way back you should take an extra day to stay in the country and this time you can get a nice little place, to get a good sleep in the city called Szombathely.

From the capital you should take the M7 motorway towards Pázmánd, to get to Velence, where you can see the Lake Velence (31 Miles). After checking out the lake you can get on the road towards your next stop, Székesfehérvár (11.2 Miles). From Velence you continue on the M7 motorway. You are going in the direction of Siófok on the motorway and when you get there you can see the Balaton Lake and the small city. Grab a coffee, have lunch and enjoy the place! Next up you will be going to the lake, visiting the most famous places also loved by local people. Zamárdi is the next stop which is 15 minutes from the previous city and you can find the ferry there that takes you to Tihany. In Tihany, you can see the temple that comes with the panorama of the lake.

Up next comes the visiting of the castles

40 Miles from Tihany, you are riding on the Road 71 until Keszthely, where you can find the Festetics Castle. Half an hour later riding on Road 84 you arrive at Sümeg, where you can see the Sümeg Castle.

To reach the destination of your final day, Szombathely. From here you get on the Road 84,88 and the M86 motorway. From Szombathely, Vienna is just a short trip. Getting on the S31 Motorway then the A3 it will be around 2 hours, 86 Miles. After deciding whether you take the fastest way back home or still visit some other countries. You will never regret this stag do like this road trip, trust me.

In order to get the greatest experience don’t forget to bring your cameras with you. Take some pictures and do a vlog or an on-the-road video. Enjoy your road trip, and make it the most memorable time of your life what you can always check after years!


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23 Mar 2018

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