Our Most Bought Bikes of 2021

Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we always get asked ‘What are your most bought bikes?’. So, we thought we’d delve deep into our systems and compile a list of our most bought bikes of 2021!

Honda Fireblade

Coming up first on our list is the Honda Fireblade. The Honda Fireblade first entered the market back in 1992, taking inspiration from the CBR750F Hurricane. This magnificent bike was the idea of designer, Tadao Baba. He first came up with the idea and started the project back in 1987.

Suzuki GSXR 1000

Another popular bike we bought in 2021 was the GSXR 1000. This beast first hit the roads back in 2001. When it first came out, there were rumours that it was a huge rival of Yamaha’s R1. Ironically, that is another bike on this list!

GSXR 1000’s story starts back in 1998 when they eliminated the GSXR 1100 from their line-up. In turn, Suzuki took its little brother, the GSXR750, remodelled the engine, and voila! The GSXR1000 was born, starting with the K1 & K2 edition.

The number of quotes we get on this championship-winning beauty doesn’t surprise us at all.

suzuki gsxr 1000 webuyanybike bought

Kawasaki Z1000

The predecessor to the Z1000 was the Z1 900; the world first saw this bike back in 1972. Kawasaki claim that the Z1000 was a 30-year anniversary gift to the Z1 900. Although it was a step up from this model, the 4-cylindered Z1000 had its engine inspired by the ZX9R.

Unfortunately, 2016 saw the Z1000 seize production. It has now been succeeded by the ZH2 – another popular bike we buy, that just quite hasn’t made this list.

Yamaha MT 125

The perfect learner bike! The MT, or Master of Torque range was first introduced to us back in 2005. However, we didn’t see the MT125 up until 2014. Well, we did technically, because Honda had their own MT125 back in the late 70’s! The Yamaha one was a fast grower in the market. The first edition started production in 2014 and didn’t end until 2019. Main features include the easy-to-read for learners 3 panel digital dash.

The 4-stroke engine has a bhp of 14.8, allowing a speed range of up to 80mph. The new 2020 model comes equipped with upgraded LED lights, and a brand-spankin’ new LCD screen. They have also introduced VVA.

Yamaha YZF-R125

Back in 2013, Yamaha decided to create a bike for learners who had always dreamed of riding sports bikes, and so the YZF-R125 was born. Granted, they probably decided it long before 2013. Back in the day, it is believed that this bike was an upgrade from its predecessor, the TZR125. The YZF-R125 is known for its reliability and great handling.

Triumph Tiger

The Triumph Tigers history started probably before everyone reading this even existed! Though many believe that its story started back in 1981, it was actually long before that.

The story starts back in 1936 with the Triumph Tiger 70. It was a popular bike back then, which grew from 70, all the way up to 100cc in stages. Production, unfortunately, seized back in 1940 when war struck. Although it started back up again in 1946 when WWII ended.

The bike as we know it today started its production in 1981 with the Triumph Tiger Trail. It has had various models since then. The most popular one we buy would probably have to be the Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT. We’ve noticed a rise in the purchasing of this model this year. We suspect it is down to motorcyclists going on alternative adventures around the UK.

harley sportster bought

Harley Sportster Series

We buy so many of these; the most popular Harley we buy! Harley-Davidson graced us all with this beautiful series back in 1957 with the XL900. This particular model is a rare find today, and I don’t believe we’ve had it pass through our doors. We haven’t since I’ve worked here anyway!

However, the Sportster range, which replaced the 1952-1956 model K was an instant hit when it came out. It was made even more famous when it broke records in 1970 with land-speed-record-breaker Cal Rayborn. He teamed up with engine builders Warner Riley & George Smith, defeating the odds with a record-breaking 265.492mph.

Today, unfortunately, what we’ve got in the UK Sportster wise, is simply what we’re getting. This is all down to the new European Euro 5 emissions regulations.


Some other bikes that are very popular on our system are the R1200GS standard and adventure models. They first graced the roads back in 2004 with the adventure making its mark a year later. They were succeeded when they seized production on 2019 with the bigger model; the R1250GS.

They are without a doubt some of the best tourers on the planet.

ducati panigale bought

Ducati Panigale

Sorry, this one has to be one of our favourites on the list. Many of us are huge Ducati fans, which makes the Panigale, the ultimate sports bike, very easy on the eye for us. The Panigale range hasn’t been with us long. Ducati first blessed us with this beauty just 10 years ago back in 2012. The first model we got was the 1199, which stopped production back in 2014. An addition was made in 2013 with the 899 and soon after in 2015, the 1299 came out. This was followed by the 959 in 2016. The V4 and V2 came out in 2018 and 2020 to join them.

Yamaha R1

Another nineties baby is the Yamaha R1. It was first released in 1998 in the classic red and white colour scheme. Today, there are various other colours with a whole variety of upgrades made to follow. We all have Kunihiko Miwa to thank for this beautiful machine. We Buy Any Bike bought over 600 of these last year making it one of our most popular bought bikes!

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