Moto Guzzi: Origins Image

Moto Guzzi: Origins

Would you like to sell your Moto Guzzi motorcycle? We Buy Any Bike would like to buy it! Bike Trader, WeBuyAnyBike make selling your motorbike quick, simple and easy. We can offer you a free online motorcycle valuation, which takes less than a minute. Its easy to sell a bike online with us! Keep on reading for some Moto Guzzi  history...  As most people know Moto Guzzi is an Italian manufacturer, the company was founded in 1921 in Mandello Del Lario. This manufacturer is world renowned for its creations and innovations. Such as the first motorcycle centre stand and eight cylinder engine. The brand is also well known for is air cooled 90° V Twin engines with a longitudinal crankshaft orientation.
The legendary brand was conceived by two aircraft pilots and their mechanic after the war. Carlo Guzzi, Giovanni Ravelli and Giorgio Parodi, each with their part to play:
  • Guzzi was the engineer
  • Parodi provided financial backing
  • Ravelli would use his fame as a pilot or motorbike racer to promote the machine
‘Moto Guzzi’ was formed in 1921, tragically Ravelli died just died after the war finished in a plane crash. His friends and colleagues commemorated him by adding the wings into the logo, representing their fallen friend. Untitled-33 Carlo’s first engine was a horizontal single, which dominated the next 45 years of the company’s timeline. They constantly researched new ways to make their bikes special and individual. Through the 34’s each of the mechanics would even sign the engines they built, adding a personal touch. hj90oip As the three had originally hoped. Moto Guzzi would be promoted in motorcycle racing. First hitting the Isle of Man TT in 1935 ridden by Stanley Woods. The bike impressed the world, collecting victories in the Lightweight TT and the Senior TT.
In 1946
The ‘Motoleggera’ made an appearance. Their lightweight 65cc motorcycle became extremely popular in post-war Italy. As well as their four-stroke 175 CC known as the ‘Galletto’. The  Galletto was very successful in creating a name for the Guzzi in the scooter world. The bike originally featured a manual, foot-shifted three-speed. Then later came the four-speed (175 CC) at the end of 1952. In the 50’s Moto Guzzi helped lead the world of Grand Prix racing. By the time of its pull out, Motor Guzzi had won 3,329 official races. 8 World Championships, 6 Constructors Championships and 11 Isle of Man TT’s. February 1967 SEIMM (Società Esercizio Industrie Moto Meccaniche) took ownership of Moto Guzzi. They started focusing more on lightweight automobiles like mopeds such as the Dingo and Trotter. During SEIMM’s years, they also developed the icon 90° V twin engine. It was designed by Giulio Cesare Carcano. IMG 9419-768x576
Guzzi was ever adapting
In 1976 as they released the 850 Le Mans, café racer bike that was a stylistic masterpiece. The bike was a huge success and to this day is seen as one of Guzzi greatest achievements. It actually spawned four later models from Mark II to its culmination in the 1990s, the Mark V. The first model is known (incorrectly) as the Mark I but is simply the 850 Le Mans. Mid 80’s Guzzi continued working on the V-twin. Power was increased and they created a four-valve version of the ‘small block’ series. Of these series, the 650 and 750 were rated at 60bhp and 65bhp. But the production of the four value ‘small block’ engine finished in the late 80s.
In April 2000
Aprilia S.p.A. acquired Moto Guzzi S.p. A for $65 million. The plan was the keep Moto Guzzi’s headquarters in Mandello del Lario while sharing Aprilia’s technological and financial resources. However, it wasn’t smooth running, in this time Aprilia itself came under hard times. Due to the new Italian Helmet laws and raising insurance rates for young motorcyclists. Large sums of money were given to the Mandello Moto Guzzi factory. For a short time, the Moto Guzzi assembly line was closed now for a period in 2004. By Dec 2004, Piaggio & C. S.p.A acquired Aprilia and Moto Guzzi S.p. A officially becomes Unico Azionista of Piaggio, part of Immsi S.p.A. In 2007 Moto Guzzi unveiled its new retro-styled V7 Classic at the Motorcycle and Bicycle Manufacturers show in Milan. The V7 Classic was a success and available in Europe mid-2008. By March 2008 the Stelvio 1200 was presented to the international press, at the Rocca Salimbeni palace. The next year we saw the arrival of the Moto Guzzi V7 Café. This was a sports version of the Classic model.
Going into 2016
Moto Guzzi opened with the commercial launch of the Stornella. A light offroad version and the famous V7II range – still going after 50 years! The new Stornella stands out with its numerous Italian made parts. As well as the dedicated colour scheme. Another unique model that was big news in 2016 was the MGX-21 version ‘Flying Fortress’. Completed by all the most specialised and advanced safety devices such as ABS. Adjustable traction control, Ride-by-Wire accelerator and cruise control. Moto Guzzi is constantly developing and innovating. They still remain one of the biggest manufacturers in the motorcycle world, with a fiercely loyal following. We now all eagerly await what 2017 will bring for the much loved, Moto Guzzi. motor-guzzi-motorbike-we-buy-any-bike

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