MotoGP. The Doctor might be back, but is Marquez the future? - Motorbike Racing Image
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MotoGP. The Doctor might be back, but is Marquez the future? - Motorbike Racing

As we can see by the results sheets The Doctor is back. He's recently had three podiums on the trot. Including a win at Assen. But The Doctor was 'away' for quite some time!
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The Italian started racing in MotoGP with Respol Honda back in 2002. Eleven years on, we now have Marquez starting his MotoGP career on a Respol Honda. Rossi won his rookie season. Can Marquez? Currently he leads the championship..

Is The Doctor back?

Rossi won his first four MotoGP championships, two with Honda and two with Yamaha. But since 2011 when he moved over to Ducati he has faded into the background. Only claiming three podiums.

But he is back. Yes, The Doctor is back. He won his first race since 2010 recently at Assen. He also took to the podium three more times this season. So far..!

So, with that Rossi is back on a Yamaha and back to winning and podium ways. Is The Doctor back for real now?

We have a new 'great' amongst us!

However, we have the future of MotoGP with us. Marc Marquez.

image of rossi on a motorbike

Valentino Rossi at Silverstone

The 20-year-old currently holds the championship lead. In his rookie season. Something that Rossi also did! He has only had one crash and has been on the podium in every race except when he crashed out in Italy. That's phenomenal for a 20-year-old inexperienced MotoGP rider.
He went to Laguna Seca recently. He'd never been there before to race but won the race comfortably. With Rossi alongside him on the podium..

It's also clear to someone like me that he is a very quick learner! The youngster made an identical manoeuvre on his idol, Rossi, at the corkscrew. The move that Rossi made on Casey Stoner in 2008! He learns from the best. We have another 'great' to watch for many more years.

But going back to Marquez's history, last year he won the Moto2 championship while in 2010 he won the 125cc championship. So we've established he's won on each 125cc and 600cc but can he make that three out of three with a championship win on the MotoGP 1000cc motorcycle. Of course he can.

So folks and MotoGP fans. Watch this youngster closely. He is the future.



23 Jul 2013

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