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Motorbike Theft

My motorbike was stolen, twice!

Unfortunately, I have firsthand experience of a motorbike being stolen.  Nothing really compares to the feeling of going outside to hop on your bike, and it not being there. The gut-wrenching response as you stand there, in silence, realising its gone. Then there is the frantic search for it. While you try and convince yourself you must have.. left it somewhere else?!

How and why did this happen? Perhaps it’s where you live, or the lack of security on your bike?

I lived on the outskirts of Leeds, and in my 18 months there two bikes were stolen. Heartbreaking stuff. I think the first time it happened because I was extremely naive, and did not protect my bike enough. Second time, I realised that if a thief wants something, they will put some serious effort into getting it.

First theft

I was in a nice flat in some converted barns; there were around 7 other flats in the area. We had a private car park that was well off road; there were usually around 12 cars parked up. The first bike stolen was a Pulse Adrenaline 125. This had been in a package deal including a helmet and lock. A cheap lock as it turned out (I learnt my lesson!). It was secured around a metal wastewater pipe. Ironically I had just decided to sell my bike, but instead. I came outside to find the lock chopped in two and my cover left in the mud.

Second theft

I was locked into my contract at the flat for 6 months. I had to get to work. So I got my second bike, a BMW F800GS and made sure they could not get through the chains. I secured my bike to a metal lamp post. With the Kryptonite D lock chained through the frame. An Oxford HD chain lock through the rear wheel. I parked in a well-lit area, directly outside the flats. A couple of months in, once again I went outside to find no bike. After nearly passing out. I called the police who had already found my bike, around the corner from my flat. DSC 0253-e1455269110297-222x300 The post I had my bike attached to had been bent over. Perhaps they dragged it over with a truck. They could not get through the chains or locks, so they slid my bike off the post. The chains were scratched up. They were still attached and locked to my bike. Once realising they couldn’t hot wire the BMW, they tried to set fire to it. Showing their lack of knowledge, they tried to set light to where they thought, was the petrol tank. This just caused charring to the panels and unfortunately some wire damage. After talking to the police and them seeing the extent the thieves went to take my bike. They simply said: “if they want it, they’ll have it”. bike-e1455269605185-300x204

Present day

I have now moved house, purely based on a Fort Knox garage. I have secured the garage with extra locks on the doors and 2 Oxford ground anchor forces. So feeling much better, however, I still run outside a nervous wreck if I hear any noises in the night!   DSC 0424-e1455269923300-1200x700 So all in all, I have learnt to trust the Oxford Locks, they really do a great job. Clinging to the bike no matter what. If you are interested in Oxford to check them out the Oxford Shop. Bennetts sorted me out and made the whole thing a little less stressful. They are a company I would recommend from experience. Interested in a few tips to stop your motorcycle being stolen? Read our upcoming blog on We Buy Any Bike. If you have your own story about a stolen motorbike. And are happy to share the details please get in touch. Let’s share information, together we can beat thieves.

Good luck all, and lock up



12 Feb 2016

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