Is THIS The NEW Future For The Honda Gold Wing?

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We want whatever Honda has been feeding its Gold Wing. Since it was first introduced back in 1975 the Gold Wing has slowly evolved over time. We believe that this is the perfect word to use because today it is massive; whereas back then, it resembled your classic scrambler style bike. We can all assume just by that image, it’s nothing like today’s beast, which almost resembles a car in size.

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Today, the Gold Wing is an iconic bike that is like marmite in the eyes of bikers all over the world. It’s a pricey ride with touring written all over it.

Gold Wing goes on a Diet

Recently, Honda have decided that their pride and joy has evolved a little too much in size, so they’ve decided to change things up a bit. Introducing, the 2019 Gold Wing – a simple name with no additions; the new standard GW, on the other hand, is known as the Gold Wing Tour. You can also get the ‘supreme luxury’ edition, coming complete with DCT and Airbag.

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What’s New?

New is probably the wrong word to use, but the bike itself is new, so we’ll keep it there. To keep the new bike compact, Honda have deducted a few things to keep the bike on a strict diet. If you’re a solo tourer, this will be ideal for you. If you usually have a pillion who tags along, they probably won’t be too impressed with the removal of their backrest. Unfortunately yes, they’ve taken off the 50L Top Box too.

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Another thing that is different with this model is the fact that the screen is considerably smaller, but it can be adjusted electronically. The other things that the electrics include with the 7-inch TFT screen are:

  • Suspension
  • Rider Modes
  • Maps
  • Bluetooth
  • Music
  • Voice Control


Weighing up at 14kg lighter than the standard version, the new arrival comes in a variety of 2 colours; Matt Majestic Silver, and Darkness Black Metallic. Powered by a 1833cc engine, the bike comes complete with a 21.1L fuel. The seat height stands at 745mm (2.4ft); included is a 12v USB power socket.

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What’s the damage?

In terms of pricing, Honda has gone a little lighter on us in that respect too. Don‘t get too excited though, it’s only a little. There is a £5,000 difference between the standard and the ‘lite’ model. For the standard size you’re looking at £27,499, whereas its ‘mini-me’ will damage your bank a little less brutally, with £22,299 to its name.

You can treat yourself to a new Gold Wing at your nearest Honda Dealership.

Sell Your Honda Gold Wing

If you’ve made it this far, and you’re already a ‘Winger’, we may have convinced you to trade in your wheels for a younger model. Whilst you’re here, why not see how much your Gold Wing is worth with our FREE instant online valuation system? It’s really easy to use, and if you like what you see, we will collect your bike for FREE! – Subject to location (UK/Northern Ireland). If you would prefer to speak to our team, call us today on 01274 600 224!

We’d love to know your thoughts on Honda’s new arrival… let us know in the comments!

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