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Motorbike Racing

Racing from behind the fence – Part 1 - Watching motorcycle racing

I will take you through what it is like for me as a fan watching motorcycle racing from behind the fence in this part. In the second part I'll cover watching and being part of a Superstock 600 – so look out for that!

As a very enthusiastic fan of motorcycle racing watching the bikes whiz around a track at high speeds is quite spectacular for me. However, when you watch each rider closely you can see how unique and different they all are, albeit their riding style personality. It could even be how they work within the team.

motorbike racer trackon a track day


Being at Snetterton for the Bemsee meeting just last weekend was a real insight into the world of racing. What happens within the team, I say 'team', but it mostly is father and son! However, it was still brilliant to see what happens behind the visor of a few different characters. Seeing what makes them tick when they are out of their comfort zone (not on the bike!).

Next weekend they will be putting their hard-earned testing into good use as they form upon the Superstock 600 grid for the sixth round of their championship.


But more about my perspective; personally I think marshalls beside the track do a sterling job and without them, our passion would be non-existent. So firstly a massive thank you to any marshalls that stumble across reading this!

From behind the fence, we are pretty safe although motorcycle racing and all motorsports are dangerous and we all know it. Perhaps why we as fans enjoy the thrill so much?! But from the marshall's post, everything must change your whole perspective of the sport. Watching Robbin Harms clatter the marshall's post a few months ago at Oulton Park was scary. For them, it must be a whole different world and level to the danger they are putting themselves into.

However, when I asked a friend of mine who is a marshall what makes him take the orange overalls for the weekend rather than be behind the fence, it was the passion for the sport!

Sense of community in racing

The world of motorcycle racing is such a friendly place. Being at Snetterton for the British Superbike test day was brilliant. Getting the views and opinions of a few friends who love the sport as I do puts being at the track in perspective! How anyone doesn't like, understand or 'get' the sport is beyond me!

Personally, I find the world a mad place, football is the centre of attention in the sporting world. However for some matching when clubs are playing another squad just down the road there is a mad bunch. They think violence is the thing to do, throwing bottles, shouting abuse etc. That is something I've never seen happen at the side of the track! Therefore surely our sport on two and four wheels is a much better sport for the younger generation?

At the track we usually leave our food and belongings (chairs) beside the fencing and have a wander of the paddock area, they've never been stolen! Although it does happen but definitely is not as much as is shown in the media of the footballing world, the world where youngsters would love to be!

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28 Jun 2013

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