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February’s feature on the WeBuyAnyBike Blog is Chaz Davies! Voted BBC Wales’ Sports Personality of the year in 2011, Davies has won the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. Today We Buy Any Bike are here to give a quick overview of his career.

Where it all started

Well, it all really started back in Knighton, Wales on February 10th, 1987. This, of course, was when Chaz was born. But he didn’t start racing for a good few years; we’d be even more impressed if he did!

Chaz begun his racing career at the tender young age of just 8 when he was entered into the 1995 British Mini Moto Championship. During his first year, Chaz was (what We Buy Any Bike like to call) just testing the waters. However, it didn’t take him long to secure first place; not long at all – it was the very next year!

1996 through to 1998 proved to be very familiar years for Chaz, as he claimed first place for all of them. 1998 was just the icing on the cake when he won 1st in the Paul Godward Trophy Class.

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Chaz was born in Knighton, Wales

Moving on up!

At the age of just 12 in 1999 was the year that Chaz was entered into the 125cc category for Aprilia. He impressed all spectators when he finished 6th, being the only racer there to complete every race in a points scoring position. He was also rewarded at Donnington with achieving a new lap record, also being awarded ‘Superteen of the Year’. During his second year competing, he was awarded second place!

When Davies was just 14 years old he competed in the British 125 Championship; when this course was complete he had competed a total of 8 out of 12 rounds, finishing 7th overall. Following the British 125cc Championship, he took on another British Championship at Thruxton Race Course where he was recognised as the youngest rider. 2001 was also the year that Davies joined the team Telefonica Movistar in the Spanish National 125cc Championship.

Chaz Davies Goes Global

2002 was another season that scored Davies with the title of youngest rider. This time, it was for being the youngest person to compete and complete the full season of the GP Motorcycle Racing. At the time he was just 15 years old.

The following year featured Chaz in Africa competing at Gauloises Africa GP in the 250cc category. Here he was branded as the youngest performer to achieve championship points within the competition. He finished 14th during this season.

2004 took Davies to Malaysia, where he completed the season in 9th place. During the same season, he came 6th in Australia. He then took a trip over to Valencia and finished 5th there. All racing for Aprilia, he completed the season in 13th place overall.

Moving to the States

In 2007 Davies was signed up to compete in the season for the AMA Supersport Championship along with the Formula Xtreme Championship. Davies was just baring his feet a bit during 2007, completing the year off in 6th place. 2007 also saw Chaz at the MotoGP World Championship where he rode a Desmosedici GP7 in replacement of Alex Hofmann. Although it wasn’t his most successful year, Davies was offered the position of full-time tester for Ducati, but he turned it down for AMA. 2008 was by far one of the highlight years of Chaz’s career. During this year, he was competing for Attack Kawasaki. Following Josh Hayes’s disqualification, Chaz was crowned the race winner.

In 2009, he was assigned to compete in the AMA Pro Daytona SportBike Championship where he completed the season off in second place.

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The World Championships

During the late 2009-2010 season, Triumph claimed Davies as he was branded their fastest rider throughout the year. He obtained podium finishes at various races; Valencia, Kyalami in South Africa, and Brno in the Czech Republic. Davies finished the season in 4th overall.

2011 though… 2011 was a winner for Chaz. Although he wasn’t riding for Triumph anymore; we’re sure they were pretty jealous of Yamaha for that one. Initially for Chaz, the start of the championship wasn’t looking to be pretty after he succumbed to a puncture during the first race. However, as luck would have it he was awarded with 8 podiums and 6 wins in the end, complete with the 2011 World Supersport Title.

The only way is up!

2012 saw Chaz Davies move from the Supersport to the Superbike World Championship when he joined Aprilia again. Although, it wasn’t one of his most successful years, he finished 9th overall.

In 2013 he switched over to BMW. Remaining at the WSBK (until this day), BMW proved better practice for Davies as he secured 5th place in this season.

Chaz was back with Ducati from 2014 until further notice! However, it wasn’t until the following year when Chaz showed the world that he was really destined to be with Ducati. In 2015 he had various podium finishes, and he completed the season in second place. Although 2016 rewarded him with mainly first place podium finishes, he completed the season with 3rd place.

Both 2017 and 2018 proved a successful year in rewarding Chaz second place, although he did decline a little bit in the 2019 season to 6th place. 2020 soon brought Davies back to his winning ways though; despite everything that went on in the world, he completed the year in 3rd place.

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The Future for Chaz Davies

At the end of 2020 Aruba announced that they would be retiring Davies from their team, placing young Italian Michael Rinaldi in the team alongside Chaz’s ongoing teammate Scott Redding. Scott, along with the public, both voiced their concerns with various media outlets such as motorsport.com.

Following the ongoing pressure, Ducati soon realised that they might be making a big mistake and decided to place Davies on their Go Eleven team. This year, there are 6 riders who have qualified for the World Superbike Championship, including world champion, Jonathan Rea! WeBuyAnyBike can’t wait to see them all in action!

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