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Rider of the Month: January - Scott Redding

The UK’s leading bike trader, We Buy Any Bike are back again with our ‘Rider of the Month’ series; and this month, we’re focusing on Scott Redding!

We were so excited to release our series last year in 2020, kicking off the year with Bradford’s own champion, Dean Harrison. If you were here last year, you might have noticed a trend with the features; their birthdays. So, we took inspiration and started again.

The pictures featured in this blog post are not necessarily those of Scott Redding due to specific circumstances. For any questions, please leave them in the comments below!

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Who is Scott Redding?

Born in Gloucester in January of 1993, it didn’t take long at all before Scott took upon his passion for racing. When he was just 8 years of age in 2001, he entered himself into his first ‘Mini Moto’ race. A further 2 years went by where Scott continued to pursue his passion, and in 2004 the hard work paid off. The 2004 FAB Racing Metrakit 50cc MiniGP race saw Redding take first place on the podium. Little did he know that this would be the first of many.

The years that followed proved that Scott had a special something for the motorcycle racing world. In 2005 he reigned in all 6 rounds of the 80cc Metrakit ‘Calypso Cup’ in Spain. 2006 was an exhilarating year for young Scott, as he was offered the position to be Red Bull’s rider at the MotoGP Academy Cup. 2007 also was a successful year as he came second at the CEV 125cc Championship in Spain.

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When the World Saw Redding

In 2008, Redding entered into the 125cc Grand Prix World Championship with Aprilia’s BLU:sens team. It is here that the world saw a historic moment; Redding being the youngest rider to ever qualify in the front row of the grid, also taking first row in Spain. The same year Brought another winning title to Redding. At just 15 years of age, he won the 125cc Grand Prix at Donnington Park, being the youngest person to ever hold the title. Scott won various other races that same year, and certainly made his mark on the tracks, so to speak. The same year he was also awarded ‘Rookie of the Year’.

2009 proved a difficult year for Redding, suffering some mechanic issues to his bike as he competed at the British GP for BLU:sens Aprilia.

Moving onto Bigger Things

The year was 2010, Redding had just surpassed his 17th birthday when he was signed up to race the Moto2 600cc class for the Austrian Marc VDS Racing Team. It took a while to get going, but after a bit of practice Redding was able to finish fourth at Silverstone’s British Grand Prix. This year also saw him titled with another ‘youngest rider’ category. It must be a good feeling to hold that title!

Later on this year became the San Marino Grand Prix in Misano where Redding encountered a very distressing accident. Following a crash that sadly claimed the life of Japanese Rider, Shoya Tomizawa. 

In September, Scott was signed up to Marc VDS for a further 2 years. In 2012 Redding decided to formulate his own Academy for budding riders, taking influence from his own Mini Moto roots.

The effects of the 2010 proved to pave a rocky road for Redding in the remainder of his period of the Marc VDS season. In 2013 though, he signed up to them again, coming second in the GP championship against Pol Espargaro. The season was cut short for Scott when he crashed fracturing his wrist and crashed again during another race.

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Taking a Different Approach

During the 2014 MotoGP, 21-year-old Redding was issued a Honda RCV1000R under team GO & FUN Gresini finishing 12th overall. His best race awarded him 7th place in this year.

2015 saw Redding’s return to Marc VDS. Although, he stayed to compete in the MotoGP and raced on a factory-spec Honda RC213V. This was a successful year for Scott. Although he started the San Marino GP with a crash, he completed in a miraculous third place! 

Redding finished 21st in the 2018 MotoGP World Championship. This was the year that he retired from this particular championship.

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The Superbike Championships

In 2019 Redding decided to take on the British Superbike Championship where he secured a placement on the PBM team, hosted by motocross rider, Paul Bird. During this year he won the championship on his Ducati Panigale V4.

The following year saw distress strike over the entire world, as we all know. But, racing thankfully found it’s way to the tracks once again, and so did Scott! Taking his Panigale V4 again around the track; this time around the world. The 2020 World Superbike Championship awarded Redding with a second place on the overall leaderboard, runner up to Jonathan Rea

Scott Redding is due to compete again in this years Superbike World Championship. According to his Instagram, it looks like he’s already practicing!

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29 Jan 2021

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