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Rider of the Month

Rider of the Month – June: Maria Costello

Unlike many successful bikers, Maria Costello didn’t jump into motorcycling right from the beginning. Yes, you guessed it – it’s that time of the month again. This June we’re focusing on racer and TV extraordinaire, Maria Costello.

When did Maria Costello first get into racing?

Maria was born on June 9th 1973 but she didn’t get into motorcycling until her early 20s. Maria’s passion quickly grew, after she got her first bike - much to her mother’s dismay.

Costello’s first bike was a TZR 125 which she used to get to and from work where she was training to be a veterinary nurse. Following a shift one day, Maria was involved in an accident, which resulted in the write off, of her bike. After she received her compensation, she decided to seize the moment and take the first steps in following her dream. The first step was a buy a new road bike, as well as a new racing bike and a new set of leathers. Maria chose the road and race version of the RGV250.

Pursuing a New Career

Maria Costello’s new adventure didn’t stop there. Shortly after this, she decided to end her career as a trainee veterinary nurse and pursue her dream of working in the motorcycle industry. For the next few years, whilst she was in training to become a professional racer, Maria worked as a shop assistant in a bike shop, as well as a CBT instructor.

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The Next Chapter for Costello

In 1995 at the age of 22, Maria decided to take on the race track for good. Alongside this, she also dabbled in automotive journalism; writing articles for MCN, Performance Bikes, and the Irish Racer Magazine, just to name a few.

During her racing career Maria has won various awards including a mix of 8 silver and bronze Manx GP replicas. She was the first solo female to claim a podium finish at the Isle of Man TT in 2005 when she claimed 3rd place.


From the Hills of Ramsey to the Hills of Hollywood!

Maria Costello is probably one of the rarest racers to have an active portfolio on the Internet Movie Database, more frequently known as IMDb.  This is because her progressive career has introduced her to some pretty exciting on-screen opportunities. Starting with the odd couple of TT documentaries back in the early noughties, it wasn’t long before Maria became a familiar face and begun her presenting streak.

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Oh, and it doesn’t stop there! In 2006, Maria was introduced to famous actress Reese Witherspoon as she set out to become her stunt double in the up and coming children’s blockbuster, Penelope. Costello was also in Walk Away and I Stumble, acting as the stunt double for Tamzin Outhwaite.

There are also a few other shows that Maria has starred in; such as Big Big Bikes, and Driving Wars.

Some Other Personal Achievements & More!

In more recent years, we have seen Maria Costello dabble a little in the sidecar racing industry. For the 2021 season, she teamed up with Vicky Cooke for the Isle of Man TT. However, the event has now been postponed and extended to the 2022 season. She was also the first female motorcyclist to claim BBC Northampton’s Sports Personality of the Year Award in 2005.

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29 Jun 2021

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