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Video Edit Of Riding My Motorbike To Spain!

A Trip to Spain!

Jenny from the We Buy Any Bike team just rode her CB500X to Spain, here is a video edit that pretty much sums up her adventure up! Enjoy!... "I passed my motorcycle test 8 months ago. I’ve wanted a motorbike licence for as long as I can remember, but something always seemed to take priority. It takes time, commitment training and quite a lot of money… and there was a part of me that never believed I would actually go for it. There is usually a catalyst which makes you go for something which has previously only ever been a thought. For me, it was when I made the link between travelling and motorbikes. Travelling the world is something that is massively important to me, it’s the thing that drives me to work harder and earn more money. "... Read more of her journey here! Media-Logo-300x300


30 Sept 2016

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