Road Rage As A Motorcyclist

Road Rage. We’ve all experienced or been part of it at some point. It’s a strange thing which can bring out some bizarre behaviour in people. Bikers are a vulnerable group of road users, people getting angry behind the wheel or handlebars is a dangerous thing. You’ve just got to check out YouTube or Facebook videos to see how far things can go when tempers are lost out on the road. Its best to stay out the way when things start to get unreasonable!

Here are some tips from We Buy Any Bike which will help keep you safe:

Time Planning

Planning your time correctly is better for life in general, but especially when avoiding road rage. Giving yourself time to actually get somewhere is a must, anyone can feel the pressures of time but if you just give yourself a little extra, you remove the stress element and you’ll already be in a better state of mind.Get Loose

Don’t ride rigid. If you’re tense and gripping the bars for dear life, you’ll become tired quicker which makes you uncomfortable. Try and keep your body relaxed when riding along, enjoy the ride and block out the annoying things that might be happening around you on the road.

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Keep Calm

If something isn’t quite right while riding, you’ll already feel slightly aggravated. Whether it’s a badly fitting jacket or boots, or the bike isn’t running right..sort it out before you go for a ride. You need to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible on the bike, so do everything you can to set yourself up for a stress free ride.

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Sleep Tight

If you’re like me, lack of sleep can make you cranky. So if you’re planning on riding the next day try and get to bed in time, being tired on the bike means things will tick you off quicker than if you were feeling fresh! More sleep will help you avoid your inner road rage devil.

Get Away And Get Off

Yep. If you can feel yourself boiling over, don’t stay on the road. Its dangerous for everyone involved. Not that you have a bright green Hulk that is about to make an appearance..but if you’re irritated and thinking about another road users actions, you’re not thinking about your own. So just pull over and the nearest chance and have a minute, or 5. Calm yourself down and put whatever annoyed you to the back of your mind, it’s not worth your time!

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