Royal Enfield: The Creation Image

Royal Enfield: The Creation

Are you selling your Royal Enfield Motorcycle? We Buy Any Bike would like to buy it! We Buy Any Bike are the number 1 motorcycle buyer in the UK, we are a long-running and well-trusted company. So if you are thinking, how shall I sell my motorcycle?.. why not try We Buy Any Bike. We make it easy to sell a bike online.  We have researched Royal Enfield's history and enjoyed creating this timeline for you...  The brand Royal Enfield was the name under which the Enfield Motor Cycle Company created some incredible machines. The company was involved in building bicycles, lawnmowers, stationary engines and in 1901 the first Royal Enfield motorbike was created. At this point, the product was actually a motorised bicycle. The small engine mounted on the front wheel and drove the rear wheel through a belt. bike-909690 1280-1024x691

Where it all began...

George Townsend set a business up in 1851 in Redditch building sewing machines, while his son started making bicycle components.  By 1886 full bicycles were being built and sold by the two, under the company name of Townsend. By 1893, the Enfield Manufacturing Company was registered and were in construction of bicycles. A few years later Royal Enfield started producing a quadricycle (based on a bicycle, which has a wrap-around four-wheeled frame). The company was constantly experimenting with new, innovative designs, which is when their first motorbike came together. They fitted a Minerva engine to the front downtube in 1901 and there it was, the first of many!
By 1912
The Royal Enfield Model 180 sidecar was presented, with a 770cc V-twin engine. The sidecar was a massive hit for its classy appearance and speedy motor. It even raced in the Isle of Man TT and at Brooklands. Two years later in 1914 Enfield had a busy 12 months. Supplying a large number of motorbikes to the British War Department. As well as winning a massive motorcycle contract with the Imperial Russian Government. Enfield was producing 225cc two-stroke singles as well as a 425cc v twin. A favourite... the 8hp sidecar with a Vickers machine gun fitted. When World War II hit Enfield was again assigned, manufacturing and developing motorcycle for the British authorities. Postwar Enfield resumed production of the single cylinder 350cc model G and the 500cc Model J. In 1948 one of Enfield’s best ever sellers made its appearance. Developed and constructed with a new ground-breaking rear suspension. Which came about for a trials model. It was soon introduced to a road model - Model Bullet 350cc, a single cylinder OHV. bike-rider-1639323 1920-768x430 Moving forward to the late 50’s to the early 60s. Enfield was creating quite a name for itself in the 250cc scene to mention a few -  the racer, the 'GP’, Scrambler, and the 'Moto-X'.  In 1965 the extremely popular Continental GT found its way to the streets. With a red GRP tank and five-speed gearbox. In 1955 the Enfield Cycle Company began working with Madras Motors, based in India, creating Enfield of India. It was in this factory they started to assemble the famous 350cc Bullet. The components were being imported from England at this point but by 1962 all components were made in India.
The late 60’s meant the onslaught of the Japanese motorcycles.
This hit the English made Royal Enfield’s hard. The factories made a final attempt to survive in the rough industry with the series I and Series II. Becoming popular in the US but unfortunately supplying the machines didn’t meet the demand. This led to the terrible demise of the English-made Royal Enfield.     Royal Enfield carried on producing bicycles in Redditch, the last bike they built was the ‘Revelation’. Which was realised in 1965 but by 1967 the factory was closed. Production of motorcycles in the original Worcestershire-based company was dissolved in 1971. Enfield of India, however, was going well and still selling the ‘Bullet’. In this time the Indian based company began branding their bikes ‘, Royal Enfield’. When the trademark owner David Holder bought a lawsuit of the company over the use of ‘Royal’ he lost. Enfield of India now produces motorcycles under the Royal Enfield name. The bikes are now manufactured and sold in India, as well as Europe, the Americas, Australia and now Indonesia. The company went strength to strength in the last few years, especially after introducing the twin spark unit construction engine. In 2015 Enfield announced they would be creating a North American headquarters. As well as opening dealerships in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. The Bullet 500, Classic 500 and Continental GT 535 Cafe Racer have been huge hits. We are now all waiting to see what wonders 2017 will bring for the ever-adapting company!... pilgrimage-on-royal-enfield-1437136 1920-768x576

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24 Mar 2017

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