Be Safe On The Road: Do You Agree With These Points?

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Riding a motorcycle on the road takes skill, knowledge of the traffic laws and some common sense. It’s true that riding a bike is riskier than driving a car, riders don’t have the outer shell to protect them the way a lot of road users do. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), crashing as a motorcyclist is 30 times more likely to end in death in a car.

So it’s important we all focus on reducing the number of yearly fatalities for riders, We Buy Any Bike have created these points to help keep you safe on the road:

Prepare Your Road Ride

Before given thinking about how to be safer on the roads, make sure the vehicles itself is fit for purpose. Check the following before jumping on:

  • Tires
  • Mirrors
  • Headlight and signals
  • Hydraulic and coolant fluids
  • Clutch and throttle
  • Pads and disks
  • Horn

Plan Your Outfit

I’ve read some articles saying the longer your journey, the more protective gear you should wear. I don’t really agree with this. Although I understand the chances are higher the longer you are on the road, doesn’t mean a car won’t bump into you because you’re just going around the corner

Don’t become lazy with your gear. Being a rider means you’re already exposed and vulnerable, so gear up at all times. Give yourself the best possible chance of not getting injured in an accident.

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Second Guessing

Ride defensively. Be on guard. Nearly two-thirds of motorcycle accidents are due to drivers violating a motorcycle riders right of way. Being vigilant on the road is a must for everyone but on a motorbike, you are more nimble, you can nip through small spaces faster. On a bike, you can feel more confident when taking chances and assuming the coast is clear.

Make yourself as visible as possible… wear a high visibility vest and look at adding reflective decals on your bike.

An Obvious One

Overconfidence is a killer. Some people assume experience alone makes for an expert rider. Although it doesn’t really work like that, you may have been riding for years but the truth is going too fast is a bad habit – one which will probably lead to a hospital visit.

You may be a brilliant rider, but while you are out on the open road there are elements that are completely out of your control.  Statistics show if you slow down by just 5-10% you massively increase your reaction time in an unexpected situation.

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Brush Up On Your Skills

Extra training after you’ve passed your motorcycle test can’t be a bad idea. Whether you’ve passed recently, been riding for ages or perhaps returning after a break. We Buy Any Bike suggest the below courses, they check and improve your riding skills on the road and make riding safer in general. An added bonus is that extra training courses could help reduce the cost of your insurance a fair bit!

Suggested Courses:

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These are all of bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike’s top tips… if you have any, please share them down below; you could save a life of a fellow biker!

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