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Sell My Motorcycle In The Isle Of Man

Well, well, well... here we are, writing a biker’s guide to the bikers dreamland that is the Isle of Man! For over 100 years, the residents of the Isle of Man have welcomed bikers with open arms, and that’s down to the residents who love the Isle of Man TT. Of course, we have done various posts about this magnificent race, one in 2013, another in 2016, and yet again, one this year... in 2018!


If you’re a biker living in the Isle of Man, you’re definitely making us all jealous in the office! On the other hand, if you’re taking a visit to the Mighty Man, you’re in luck! The team at the UK’s leading bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike have got you covered. Over time, most of us have been to the races, so we’ve teamed together to list our favourite places to go with our bikes to the land with no speed limit!... Except for built-up areas.


Flying to the Isle of Man is certainly possible, but we don’t think getting your bike on the plane would be the easiest option. Alternatively, you can travel by sea – Isle of Man Steam Packet have some great offers on throughout the year, and they also welcome motorcycles too! You can also access the island via ferry by 3 other companies. These are Direct Ferries, A Ferries, and Manx ferries. All sea commutes depart from Heysham, Liverpool, Birkenhead (winter), Belfast, and Dublin (Spring/Summer).



  • Ffald y Brenin
    This beautiful retreat is situated in the spectacular countryside, beside the thriving town of Peel. Elspeth and her team always enjoy offering a warm and friendly welcome to all who pass through the doors of their award-winning paradise. Book yourself into the Garden Room to wake up to some iconic views of the beautiful grounds. Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to treat yourself to some lovely home-baked delights!
  • Southfields B&B
    Situated just 10 minutes out of the capital city of Douglas is this luxurious haven of a B&B! This place is praised by the peaceful atmosphere. It is located in the heart of the countryside; each room has its own unique view of the beautiful neighbouring landscape. Jill and the team enjoy welcoming all to their award-winning paradise! If you’re travelling here on your bike, not only are you guaranteed to have secured accommodation for your pride and joy, but you can also reserve a packed breakfast for when you’re on your travels!
  • Langtoft Manor B&B
    Here we have another lovely place situated just outside of Peel. The warm and welcoming Langtoft Manor hosts 4 en-suite rooms with some great qualities, such as Bed & Breakfast, and a large private car park accommodating 5 cars. If you would like to star in a more secluded environment, The Lodge might be more to your fancy! This self-catering home even has its own private garden!
If it’s TT time and you’re looking for somewhere to pitch up – these next 2 are for you!
  • Silly Moos Campsite
    This site is pitched up north in a little town called Ramsay. Throughout May to September the Ballakillingan Dairy Farm is transformed into Silly Moos Campsite for visitors to attend all the motorcycle festivities. Not only does this popular site offer a range of spots for you to camp, but it also hosts the ‘Leisure Barn’, a place of curiosity, with general kitchen facilities, along with free Wi-Fi, games, and entertainment to keep everyone happy!
  • TT Campsite Quarter Bridge
    Welcome to Douglas Rugby Club! Evidently, at a certain time of year, this place switches up a bit, to be a place that accommodates a completely different sport! Situated just on the edge of the buzzing centre of Douglas, this campsite offers plenty of spots. You can book yourself into a pre-pitched 2-man tent, accompanied by 2 double-layered multi-mat, 4 pillows (cases included), along with in-tent lighting! You also get the option of hiring sleeping bags, along with BBQ & Cooker packs at an extra charge. The team also host a large car park, and you can even grab yourself some home-cooked grub in the clubhouse!
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The Creek Inn

Manager Claire and the team offer a warm and friendly welcome to all their visitors at The Creek Inn. Situated just off the Marina in Peel, opposite the very popular House of Manannan museum. The Creek Inn offers a selection of tasty dishes, such as Fish & Chips and their popular Sunday Roast Dinner! If you’re stopping nearby you’ll be happy to know that The Creek has a huge selection of spirits & real ales to stock you up for the night! As I’m currently writing this, they have 41 Gins, 29 Whiskies, and 12 Vodkas!

The Sulby Glen Hotel

This place is a must if you’re visiting the TT! Situated just 4 miles from the Jurby Airfield Circuit, this Award-Winning pub & hotel is based on the TT course itself! It has ample parking at the rear of the building. Owners Eddie & Rosie both have 2 sons who compete in the TT and the famous races are an evident forefront of the interior when visiting the pub. This traditional country inn also hosts various charitable events too!

Creg Ny Baa

We couldn’t leave this one out! The mighty Creg Ny Baa is the king of the island when it comes to TT time! So famous, in fact, that you have to book your spot... and 2019 is now fully booked, but keep an eye out for 2020! Get a glimpse of just what you will get by booking:

  • Cooked Breakfast on arrival
  • Bucks Fizz on arrival
  • Gourmet buffet lunch, that comes with desserts, cheese & biscuits
  • Refreshments available – hot/cold/alcoholic – you name it!
  • A hand-selected special Creg-Ny-Baa souvenir!

If you’re visiting The Famous Creg-Ny-Baa (as it’s also known), you can also view the race from the nearby open-top bus, at a cost of just £30!

The Rovers Return

Don’t be confused by the title of this pub, it has nothing to do with the popular Weatherfield boozer. Though the name might be somewhat inspired by it, this pub actually has strong links with the Lancashire football team, Blackburn Rovers. That’s all down to the Landlord Martin who is a huge fan of the team and has dedicated them a full room, filling it with memorabilia from over the years. That doesn’t speak for the rest of the building, however. This takes inspiration from the Fire Brigade, and that is all down to the treasured firemen who used to be regulars to the pub back in the day; their place of work was the Fire Station – the building opposite.

According to reviews, this authentic local back-street ale house is a popular but timider option when the TT is on, but it definitely has the same atmosphere. Have you ever heard of Bushy’s Beer? Well, there’s plenty of that here because the Rustic Rovers Return is basically one of the headquarters! Their tagline is Ale of Man, which we think is pretty clever!



If you’re travelling to the Isle of Man for the first time with your bike, the one and only route that you need to tick off your bucket list are the Snaefell Mountain Course. More commonly known as the TT course!

If you’re a biker, and you’ve done this, that’s basically your trip covered, but there can be plenty of other things to do on the island too. There are also a variety of motorcycle museums...



  • Murray’s Motorcycle Museum – A huge collection of classic motorcycles located just before Fairy Bridge. If you follow the link you will find out all about the very interesting history behind the museum.
  • IOM Motor Museum – This museum has over 400 exhibits, including a whole variety of wheels. So, if you’re a true motorhead, this one is for you! Not only do they have motorcycles, but they also have a huge range of classic cars, and even the odd fire engine as well as a few agricultural vehicles too! They also regularly share their newcomers on their Facebook Page.
  • A.R.E. Museum – You can visit this hidden gem by appointment only! Situated in Kirk Michael, the owner, Tony has a huge personalised collection of over 100 rare vintage bikes. One popular manufacturer in particular here is James motorcycles!
  • Manx Museum – At this museum, you will learn all about the history of this 10,000-year island. It has sections filled with history dating back from the Victorian era, all the way to the Viking era. Learn all about the history of the TT along with the Tynwald government. This is the current legislatorial body of the Isle of Man, also rumoured to be the oldest governing body still in circulation in the world to date.




  • The traditional language for the Isle of Man is Manx, and the last native speaker was Ned Maddrell. Unfortunately, Ned passed away in 1974 and although many have attempted to revive the language throughout the years, nobody can do it quite as good as him! – You can hear him speaking here.
  • We’ve recently covered other Islands off the UK, such as Jersey and Guernsey, who both have their own cow. That’s pretty impressive, but the Isle of Man is also famous for the domesticated Manx cat! manx-cat-300x231 You’ve probably heard of it, it’s got no tail! Though it’s natively from the IOM, we don’t know if it’s that fond of bikes – it is still a cat, after all.
  • Have you ever looked at tickets to Iceland? Why not save yourself some dosh, because you can see the Northern Lights from the Isle of Man! Thanks to the low light pollution on the island, it’s possible to see Aurora Borealis from here, along with the Milky Way!
  • Not only do the Manx folk have their own cat, but they also have their own sheep! They don’t half treat themselves, do they?! The Manx Loaghtan is a quite odd looking creature, they’ve got 4 horns, and sometimes even 6! They must get headaches easily.
  • An island, within an island... or off it. The Isle of Man has its own island, called the Calf of Man! It’s a little place with only 2 residents, but it is very open to the public and often gets visited by people coming to view the birds visiting the island!skywatch-bike-motorcycle-motorbike-sell-my-bike-webuyanybike-we-buy-any-bijke


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17 Oct 2018

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