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Jersey is an excellent place to be a biker. The rolling beaches, the excellent roads that your bike is just itching to ride on! Sitting a mere 85 miles at a minimum from the UK, Jersey isn’t the easiest place to get to, but it certainly leaves us intrigued!

If you are planning a trip to Jersey, please note that there is a maximum speed limit of 40mph across the whole island. Of course, in alternative places, the limit is reduced as it is in most countries.

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Statistics show that Jersey has the warmest climate than any other British Isle. The population of Jersey sits at 105,500 citizens, and with just 2% of vehicle owners being motorcyclists, I think it’s safe to say that the motorcyclist community is pretty small over there. Nevertheless, the pretty sights and friendly community are very welcoming! So, if you and your bike are planning a trip to this fabulous island at any given time, don’t forget to print off this bikers guide that WeBuyAnyBike has put together!

How to get to Jersey!

We don’t usually put a section like this on our biker guides, but since the majority of our readers are based in mainland UK, we thought we would make an exception!

transport travel motorbike motorcycle bike webuyanybike we buy any bike motorbiketraderOf course, probably the quickest way to get there is by plane, but it’s not the usual way to take a bike… unless you’ve got any ideas! Most of us travel the easier route – by boat. There are a couple of places you can go departure wise by ferry. Condor Ferries make 7 trips a week to Jersey each between Poole and Portsmouth, and they have a whole page dedicated to travelling by motorbike!

Biker Friendly Cafes in Jersey

The Post Horn Pub

The team at The Post Horn offer a warm welcome to everyone who passes through their door. If you happen to take a visit during the colder months, they’ll even have a nice warm log fire to warm your fingertips! Located in a quiet area of the capital of Jersey, St. Helier, this award-winning pub is definitely not one to be missed!

Les Fontaines Tavern

Situated just a short ride away from the village of St. John’s is the Les Fontaines Tavern! Built in the 17th century, this converted farmhouse now offers delicious traditional British cuisine, great beer and friendly service. The Northern Office as it’s commonly known as by the locals has an outdoor veranda where you can sit and enjoy the exceptional views of The North Coast and France!

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The Farm House

This quirky pub is located adjacent to a field full of Jersey Cows… you’ll definitely feel like you’re in Jersey here! L’Auberge du Nord or The Inn of the North is situated in the countryside with some great views of the sea, and some there’s some beautiful gardens here too! The kitchen is staffed by the married duo, Dominik and Ola, along with Andrew and the rest of the team, offering some delightful dishes! The rest of the place is managed by Kim! Altogether, the whole team offer a warm welcome to everyone who passes through the doors of their 16th-century pub. The Farm House is a great place to visit on a ride out.

The Priory Inn

If you’re planning a trip to Devil’s Hole, we definitely recommend stopping off for a bite to eat at one of Jersey’s oldest inns! You can’t ride to Devil’s Hole, but you might as well take a trip here whilst you’re here! The team at The Priory Inn offer a warm welcome with their big hearty meals at great prices. It is also well worth planning a trip here and booking a table because it can get very busy at times!

Biker-Friendly Accommodation

Little Heath Bed & Breakfast

This lovely B&B offers great big spacious rooms to all their guests. Little Heath is located in the historic village of Parq de L’Oeillere, owners Pauline and Dean offer a warm and friendly welcome to all who pass through their door. They also offer a delightful breakfast selection for the day ahead too!

Prince of Wales

This 4-Star hotel is located along the beachfront of Greve de Lecq. It doesn’t surprise us that this award-winner doubles as a popular restaurant to the locals.  Nigel, Jackie and their whole team love to welcome everyone into their deluxe hotel. They have a choice of 15 exceptional rooms to offer, and if you choose to stay, you get the choice of a delicious menu to choose from with lots of seafood dishes… Most are sourced straight from the beach!

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Daisy Cottage Campsite & Retreat

If you’re in Jersey between April and September, this place is for you! This delightful campsite is also very near to the beautiful beach of Greve de Lecq! If you’re a happy camper this place is ideal for you but they also have the option of staying in one of their many eccentrically designed bell tents or the very cosy shepherd’s hut! They also have a whole variety of therapies and activities, such as art classes, yoga, and meditation. Daisy Cottage does allow you to pitch your own tent but they do ask you to contact them prior to arriving!

Beuvelande Campsite

Located at the opposite side of the island to Daisy Cottage is Beuvelande Campsite. This too has a fabulous selection of creatively decorated Glamping tents! Here you can choose from:

  • Yurts
  • Safari Tent
  • Bell Tent
  • Emperor Tents

Or alternatively, if you prefer the traditional camping, you can pitch your own tent up! They do request that you stay for a minimum of 2 nights. You can contact the campsite here to tell them about your tent! At Beuvelande, not only do they offer exceptional sleeping experiences, but they also have an onsite award-winning bar called Tilley’s, but they also have a shop too! You can also have a dip in the pool if you like. It’s just like a portable resort!

Motorcycle Clubs in Jersey

Jersey Motorcycle & Light Car Club

This club was formed back in the day – 1920 to be exact, as a motorcycle club. The club host a selection of events throughout the year, mainly focusing on off-roading but they also have car enthusiasts too!

The Classic Vintage & Modern Racing Club of Jersey

This club is exactly what it says on the tin! Back in 1999 when the club was first founded, they only accepted true classics. But in recent years, they have started welcoming younger competitors with the cut off date set that the bike has to be a minimum of 25 years old. So, if you fancy taking part with your 25+-year-old bike, get in touch!

Jersey Classic & Modern Trials Club

For almost 20 years, the Jersey Classic & Modern Trials Club has dedicated themselves to promoting the excitement that is motorcycle trials. Each year in March they have their own Trials course. It may be on another island but, the Alderney Trials is a 2-day course filled with lots of fun on motorbikes!


  • Sorel Point – An excellent Motocross Track
  • Clement Grass Track in Jersey – see Jersey Motorsports for location details… They sometimes host rallies!
  • Another route is around the whole island! The distance to cover the whole island is just 48 miles. It would be something great to do on a nice summer’s day!
  • St. Helier to Les Havres – Courtesy of Plot-a-Route


  • Offshore Bike Bits – A huge selection of bike parts that you can reserve online!
  • Velox Racing – Motorcycle Repairs and Parts. Specialising in Racing Bikes.
  • Motorama Bisson – A showroom full of bikes, new and used! They also sell parts and provide repairs and services for your wheels.

Other Helpful Things!

  • Jersey Channel Islands Motorcycle Forum
  • Jersey Road Rules
  • Limo Bikes – Visiting Jersey with no bike? No problem! Limo Bikes offer a service, touring around the island with you as pillion!

Fun Facts

  • If you happen to see a full bricked wall surrounding the chimneys on the old buildings in Jersey… they have a purpose! Well, they did back in the day.
  • Rumour has it that in the olden days, they were placed there to be a seat for Witches to prevent bad spells. You can also find similar models in North Yorkshire!
  • Ouen’s beach has a lot more to it than meets the eye. It is heard that there was once a La Brecquette Manor holding residence on the beach, the building was surrounded by forest. If you happen to take a ride to the beach when the tide is low, you can see the remains of the manor and the forest!
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  • There’s a little nickname that the people of Jersey are referred to as, and that is Crapauds! Yep, we had that reaction too, but it’s not what you think it means! Translated from French, Jersey folk are Toads… that probably isn’t any better, but it has its significance. In comparison to its sister island or Guernsey, Jersey has Toads, and Guernsey doesn’t!
  • We all know of somewhere that has fairies. Local to our headquarters, we have the famous Cottingley Fairies… The Isle of Man has their own too… and so does Jersey! Apparently, before us humans were here, Jersey folk didn’t have dinosaurs; they had Pouques – a type of fairy!

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