The Showdown – British Superbike Championship

The British Superbike championship has just reached it’s climax and the season is now over. And, how fast has it gone! Extremely quickly! It doesn’t seem like five moments ago I was at a snowy Snetterton for the pre-season testing but now the season is behind us and we have our newly crowned champion!

The showdown brings a different format to the championship, or show as some like to call it.

However is the showdown a good thing or bad?

It’s the only championship in England that has adopted the American style format and with some hating it and some liking it the series has really split it’s fans.

For example; The champion would have been Shakey this season if the championship format was a ‘normal’ one but it isn’t and he has to take that on the chin as he signed up to race in the series of which he knows the rules too..

In 2012, Josh Brookes would of taken the title and not Shakey.. so it’s all swings and roundabouts really! But, I’m sure Brookes’ time will come he is a fighter like Lowes, who didn’t have the whole package to complete the job.

But for some the showdown is a great idea as it really brings something extra, the tense and pressuring atmosphere on the riders make them race for their lives and really go all out for the championship title. More mathematics for the riders to work out are also key to winning the championship, and both Alex and Shakey said that’s exactly what they had to do at Brands Hatch GP.

And, that is exactly what they done. Raced for their lives.

Over the showdown rounds they were thrilling.

Assen – it was a very controversial round of the championship where Samsung Honda rider accidentally touched Shakey’s Kawasaki and that was that, he was off into the gravel. It was very accidental. However the decision was made to disqualify Alex from the race which brought the championship back to one point between the two riders.

What could Higgs of done? He has the hardest job within the series! He cannot please the whole of the BSB crowd and fans, that’d be impossible!

Then the championship hit the home of British Motorsport at Silverstone and the riders get the luxury that the BTCC drivers don’t race on the huge Grand Prix circuit!

Also another thriller.. Shakey had a highside and was injured although in pain he fought on in the hope for his fourth title.. Being lifted onto the Kawasaki on crutches wasn’t the best look for getting onto a motorcycle.. but boy did he fight.. He won race two by a minuscule margin (0.012s!) and was pretty close to winning the first too, but that was Lowes’.. so they both won a race a piece and the championship was as close going into Silverstone as it was going into the finale at Brands Hatch GP.. Still a point between them..

Shakey beating Lowes by one point!!!

Now for the finale.. wow!

Nobody could of written the script.. the only wet races of the season had to be at the finale at Brands Hatch GP. A slippy Brands Hatch GP. Well, well, well.. It blew up some drama! The underdogs getting onto the second row of the grid, who’d of thought that would happen in qualifying but no.. Costello and Waters of the Halsall Racing Kawasaki team were fast in those tricky conditions. But it was Brookes who claimed the triple win and two pole positions to head off home to Australia a happy man! Although, still looking for that 2014 seat..

But it was the underdogs.. they got onto the podium with Costello in the second race but boy what had Brookes had for Breakfast.. he reigned in ten seconds over such a small space of time!! But it was all over for the championship rivals; Lowes and Shakey both crashed out!

So it went right down to that thin piece of wire! Shakey cracked and slid wide around the tricky Druids corner to let through the newly crowned Champion Alex Lowes!

Our worthy champion..

Personally, I think Lowes thoroughly deserved the championship. He was faultless for the majority of the season only one hiccup and a few off’s around the circuit he dislikes.. that’s not bad! He never once moaned his Honda wasn’t right etc, he gave the team brilliant feedback.. and the thought of twin brother Sam taking the micky throughout the winter, tipped him to fight on and win the championship. (Well done and congratulations Mr A & S Lowes!)

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