Our Top 7 Posts of 2021

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Now that January is fully underway, we thought we’d reflect on our top 10 posts of last year! Let us know in the comments which topics you’d like WeBuyAnyBike to cover in 2022.

Songs about Motorbikes and the Stories Behind them

I have to say I had a lot of enjoyment in researching this post. There was a lot of songs that I wanted to add to the list but they only had a little bit about motorbikes, and there wasn’t anything that suggested where the lyric came from! You never know, there might be a part 2 one day!

Top 10 UK Motorcycling Holidays

The majority of us stayed in our homeland this year. I’m sure many other countries can say the same. However, with everyone embracing the sights of Great Britain this year, we thought we’d feature some of our favourite places to ride to.

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Elspeth Beard

Elspeth’s feature on Aprils ‘Rider of the Month’ this year was something completely different to any other month. I had a lot of fun researching this one and look forward to reading her book!

7 Brand New Motorcycles to Hit The Roads in 2021

Of course, this is always one of our first posts of the year, and we’re shortly going to be researching our 2022 version! One bike that we’re yet to see, and that we’re most looking forward to has to be the MV Agusta Superveloce.

16 Celebrities Who Ride Motorcycles Part 2

I really enjoyed researching this one, and apparently, our readers enjoyed it too! This was one of our most visited posts of 2021.

Remember these? 15 Forgotten Motorcycle Brands

This was another very exciting post that was up there as easily one of the top posts to learn about in 2021. I love hearing the stories that some of our drivers come back with after collecting our bikes. However, I’ve always been curious to learn about bikes we generally don’t hear about anymore. So, when the idea of this post sprung to my mind, I was very eager to take it on!

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Biker’s Guide to Edinburgh

Now I wouldn’t usually feature one of our bikers guides as our top posts of the year. The reason being is simply because I don’t have a favourite place, and we collect from everywhere in the UK & Northern Ireland! However, following a recent trip there Edinburgh held a special place in my heart. I remember walking around Edinburgh, pointing out things that I’d previously written about when I last updated this post – I do that a lot when visiting places! When I got back in the office, I was straight on the blog to do a quick update on it!

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