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Top Green Motorbikes Purchased

When we hear it’s St Patrick’s Day, we can’t help but get excited about all the green motorbikes we’ve purchased so far this year! At We Buy Any Bike, we buy a variety of different types of motorbikes. From Ducati to Suzuki, Harley to Kawasaki, we love all motorbikes. But given the time of year, let’s review some of our top green motorbikes.

Green Motorbike Honda NC750

We would say this is a well-loved motorbike with versatility to suit most riders. There was a time when riders might purchase one motorbike to handle anything – the Honda NC750 does just that! Alongside its versatility, this bike is extremely affordable for the amount of bike that you get. Even though the engine doesn’t rev very high and doesn’t give out a huge amount of power (compared to a sportier ride), it is far from “basic”. You’ll get ergonometric excellence, heaps of control which will translate into rider confidence.

If we have got you thinking, “Should I sell my bike and swap over to a NC750?”, our answer is a definite yes!

Yamaha MT-07

This model from Yamaha has been reimagined following its initial release in 2014. But there was little that the Japanese manufacturer had to change…if it ain ’t broke don’t fix it right? There was a lot changed with regards to the styling, most notably the new tail but the most significant difference is in the suspension with a rebound adjuster. The Yamaha MT-07 is good value for money, and although the bhp seems low compared to its counter sports bikes, there is an argument that anything over 100bph would be wasted on our UK roads.

Kawasaki EF-6F

This is the motorbike which can do no wrong, especially if you are looking for your first big bike! It’s quick, has a very reactive throttle and won’t struggle on speed. Looking at practicality as well, the Kawasaki EF-6F is a comfortable, affordable speedster which, given its light weight and reliability, would also make a great commuter.

“I want to sell my motorbike and get one for myself!” – yeah, we don’t blame you!

If we have tempted you enough to sell your current motorbike and look for an upgrade, simply fill in our quick online form, and we will provide you with a personalised valuation to get you on your way!



17 Mar 2023

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