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Our Top Motorcycle Routes Around The World

If you are like us and always looking for the next motorbike adventure, we’ve got you covered! We think you’re going to want to have a read of our top motorcycle routes across the globe. We cover America, Thailand and our pride and joy, the North Coast 500.

First up, Thailand.

1. Thailand

If you haven’t considered Thailand for your next motorbike adventure, you should! Thailand is one our top motorcycle routes purely for it’s every changing environment. One minute you could be navigating through a bustling town, the next, climbing the curvaceous roads of Thailand’s hills. But it isn’t just the landscape we are impressed with. Most of the routes you will find yourself riding on, have a smooth roads to travel down. You will be truly mesmerised by scenery of Thailand; you’ll find it difficult to leave.

To really enjoy Thailand on two wheels, you will find the top motorcycle routes toward the North. The people responsible for cultivating these roads – we salute you! It is almost as if the roads were made for motorcycle riders first and car users second. We are pretty happy about that.

Thailand | Top Motorcycle Route

If we have convinced you to dust off that passport and head to Thailand, just a couple of tips:

  • Weather can vary greatly; bring all your standard riding gear as well as full waterproofs.
  • An adventure bike is ideal for this terrain; we buy any bike, so if you need to free up cash to purchase one, we have your covered.
  • Make sure you have a waterproof bag; Thailand doesn’t have a lush green landscape without rain!

Overall, Thailand has some truly top motorcycle routes to explore. Your biggest problem will be choosing just one!

2. America

Where do we start?! We wanted to choose a route which is suitable for a variety of different riding styles. But being such a large country, it can be difficult to choose the top motorcycle route – although we think we found it!

The Beartooth Highway, stretching across Wyoming and Montana, is by far one of the best motorcycle routes in America and should be on every rider’s bucket list.

Best ridden between July and September, the Beartooth Highway is, in our opinion, one of the top motorcycle routes to be found in America. Its terrain welcomes a variety of rider types, but if you are considering a longer adventure, we suggest a tourer or adventure bike.

The  Bearthooth Highway | WeBuyAnyBike.com

Pack layers for this one, even if you are going in the summer months. With one of highest paved roads in the Rockies, you’ll want to be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions. This top motorcycle route we have chosen wouldn’t be recommended for a new rider. With several hairpin turns, every changing weather, and a need to have your wits about you with the sheer cliff drops, an experienced rider would find this route more enjoyable than an individual who is new to riding.

What you’ll get? Impressive panoramic views of the Rockies, thrilling switchbacks and an experience never to be forgotten.

3. The North Coast 500

Last, but certainly not least, we bring it home to the North Coast 500. Just on our doorstep, The North Coast 500 is truly one of the top motorcycle routes to be undertaken.

Let’s be honest, the weather can be very unpredictable. We find on a fair-weather day, you get some impressive views of the coast and mountain ranges. But on those not so pleasant riding days, you will bare witness to some of the most dramatic mountain scenery around.

North Coast 500 | WeBuyAnyBike.com

It is up to you whether you go clockwise or anticlockwise on this route. Which ever way you choose, a wide selection of winding A roads welcomes you! Be sure to take plenty of rests on this route – but do try and plan in stops at some of the many beaches and castles along the route. Who doesn’t love a chippy tea on the beach?

No matter the time it takes you to complete the North Coast 500, it’s scenary, widening roads and welcoming communites, truly makes it a top motorcycle route not to be missed.

There you have it - WeBuyAnyBike has you sorted for 3 top motorcycle routes you should add to your bucket list this year!

If you are ready for your next big adventure, but need to switch up that ride, WeBuyAnyBike.com are here for you. Simply enter a few details on our quick online form, and you’ll be one step closer to freeing up cash for that next motorbike adventure.https://webuyanybike.com

11 May 2023

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