Turner Twins Electrical Motorcycle Adventure

turner twins electric motorcycle adventure

Twins Hugo and Ross Turner have put electric motorcycles well and truly to the test by travelling to the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. The brothers are well known for their adventures, dedicated to reaching some of the world’s most inaccessible locations.

The twins had already cycled throughout Australia, as well as north and south America. In their most recent trip, they headed to Central Spain into the Iberian Peninsula, supported by top menswear brand, Belstaff.

Here, we’ll look at their incredible journey and how their electrical motorcycles held up to the challenge.

turner twins electric motorcycle adventure

The journey so far

For Hugo and Ross Turner, exploring the most inaccessible parts of the world has become a life goal. Taking inspiration from the past, they wanted to visit and document their journey to the parts of the world that have yet to be explored. The hope is that they can discover new knowledge about the environment and medicines.

Their most recent trip took them on a 2,534km journey across France, the Pyrenees and Central Spain. However, they didn’t just make the trip in a standard vehicle. Instead, they opted to travel more sustainably, riding on Zero electrical motorcycles. These bikes come with a 14.4kWh battery, capable of being charged up to 95% within an hour. Speaking about their decision to use electric motorbikes, the twins stated:

“We chose to work with Zero motorbikes because we wanted to challenge people’s perceptions of what electric vehicles could achieve beyond city limits.”  

As they travelled to the Iberian Peninsula, the twins made sure to stop off frequently for filming opportunities and to take in the breath-taking scenery along the way.

Backed by one of the leaders in outerwear

To ensure the twins were well prepared for their journey into unknown terrain, top menswear brand Belstaff provided them with the very best outerwear. They were provided with high-quality Endurance boots, waxed nylon cotton McGee motorcycle jackets, and Tourmaster Pro trousers. Talking about their kit, the brothers praised the quality:

“From a dry 35 degrees to a wet, soggy 10 degrees in the Pyrenees, the Belstaff kit was amazing. It didn’t leak or get wet once, it didn’t sweat or overheat. The best kit you have and use that you don’t notice.”

When you’re travelling to unknown parts of the world, it’s imperative you have the very best kit on hand. The twins were also impressed with the Zero electric motorbikes. They produced very minimal sound and allowed the brothers to experience a more intimate connection with the road and surrounding environment.

After exploring the Iberian Peninsula, time will tell where the twins next adventure will take them. They are two of the very few people helping to explore and document the most inhabitable parts of the world.

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