Test Ride: Harley Davidson 883 Iron 2012

The 883 is one of Harley-Davidson‘s best sellers, due to its 50’s styling sprung from the days of dirt tracks and drag strips. Favourite features include black side covers, black headlamp bucket, drag style handlebar, black fork sliders and chrome detailing throughout.

This is a budget Harley bike, it’s an extremely affordable way into Harley ownership. Although lacking in instant power its ideal for cruising and enjoying a laid-back ride.  The 883 is a great motorbike for riders of all sizes and experience. We Buy Any Bike went for a ride out..

untitled Engine

The Harley Davidson 883 is as accepted from the brand, quite lumpy with tons of grunt. Inside the displacement sits at 883.3, it’s a V Twin, 4-Stroke with 2 Cylinders. Although the engine felt laborious at times, it is ridiculously powerful with its five-speed transmission and dual exhaust, once it kicked in the fun really begun.

untitled Handling

The 883 has a narrow jenny o'grady motorcycleframe, it’s good for riding around town and long distance due to the comfy riding position. At slow speeds you can feel the weight on the bike, offering only 50hp it’s a lot of machines to shift! The aggressive raw makes up for the lack of power though, you get the authentic Harley feeling when riding this beauty. The suspension was good compared to most Harleys. Brakes aren’t amazing; they don’t feel particularly reactive but do the job.

untitled Seat height

The seat was at the perfect height for me, at 5.4 I usually find myself on tiptoes on most bikes but was able to have both feet flat on the ground on the 883. Unladen the seat height is 26.9in, laden it’s more like 25.7in. Very cosy seat, I could definitely be happy on there for a good few hours.

untitled Weight

Manoeuvring the 883 was fine, its wet weight stands at 256.3kg which is pretty heavy but because of the low centre of gravity, it was easy to control when walking next to it.

untitled Quality 

The 883 is typically Harley, you can feel the quality as soon as you take a seat. Every switch feels satisfying to flick, the wiring is neat, and the grips are sturdy yet comfortable. All round it feels solid. Its joked that most Harley’s are more like battle tanks then motorbikes, but the 883 gives a classic Harley look while being a relatively compacted package.

harley-davidson-459591_1920 (1)


We Buy Any Bike Rating : 111114_star

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