Test Ride: Honda CB500X 2015

test ride cb500x motorbike

What a little beauty.. the Honda CB500X is great fun. It’s described as a novice-friendly bike, it can be ridden on an A2 licence which opens it up to a large audience. The bike has adventure styling which has been extremely popular, offers great ergonomics and handling.

The X features the same engine, chassis, cycle parts as the CB500F roadster and CBR500R sports bike. There was an opening in the market for this bike, a slightly smaller adventure bike perfect for newish or smaller riders.


 untitled Engine

The 471cc twin has 47bhp on tap, this might not sound enough to some riders but the bike is surprising perky and responsive. Top speed is around 110mph so the X isn’t that slow and has plenty of pull when in the right gear, but sportbike riders would probably get a little bored. This bike is a confidence builder, it’s easy to ride, accessible and if you get the wrong gear as a beginner.. the X engine will cover your mistake while keeping things smooth.

untitled Handling

Handling is good on the X, it’s a versatile machine which does well through corners and is generally very capable. Bars are quite wide which makes the steering a less secure, but its not really a big deal. The bike makes twisty roads fun, there’s plenty of drive through the corners and sticks to the surfaces well. The riding position is really nice, upright and roomy, ideal for touring/adventure type trips.

untitled Seat height

For an adventure style bike, the seat is very reasonable at 31.9, which was ideal for me at 5, 4”. I could get both toes down either side, it’s good to have that assurance as a new rider and just coming up from small 125cc.  The seat dips quite low where the riders sits so you feel quite secure too. While mentioning the seat..its massively comfortable, almost feeling custom built.

untitled Weight

The bikes wet weight is around 196kg, when manoeuvring it I felt the bike was actually quite big. Not particularly heavy, (although it took my full body weight to move it) but the handlebars are fairly high when you aren’t actually sat on it so was quite difficult for someone not that tall. This was nothing that couldn’t be overcome after learning how to work with the bike.

untitled Quality

The quality for the price is extremely good, and on first appearances, the mat black looks awesome. If you are looking for a reliable bike for a commute or touring, this is perfect. It offers a good amount of power that you can have great fun with, although if you’re looking for a load of excitement you might opt for something a little more hair-raising.

For me, this bike was a pleasure to ride; you can happily sit back and enjoy the ride – the X makes it all fun! If you are looking for a confidence builder, whether you have just passed your test or have been riding a while, this is the bike. It’s easy to ride yet can be nippy and fun if you start riding it like that.


We Buy Any Bike Rating : 11111


On a personal note, I liked the X so much I actually bought one to ride to Spain on. Here are some snaps from the trip..

cb500x we buy any bike

cb500x we buy any bike

cb500x we buy any bike jenny o'grady

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