Test Ride: Moto Guzzi V7 II Special 744 2015

Moto Guzzi V7 744 sure as hell looks cool, but how does it ride?

untitled Engine

The Guzzi is a V2 four stroke with a displacement of 744.00. The 90° V-twin obviously makes for a particular ride, there is a certain amount of being thrown from side to side at a standstill. When you reach the higher gears the engine smooths itself out and is a really pleasant cruiser, the bike doesn’t have tons of torque and just under 50bhp behind it but does feel as if it’s pushing you to go faster when a road opens up in front of you.

untitled Handling

As mentioned above, the handling at slow speeds Moto Guzzi V7 II Special 744 2015does feel quite clunky and even a little snatchy in first, second and third. When sitting on the Guzzi you are instantly in a comfortable upright position, the handlebars are wide set and low. The clutch and brake levers felt light, I have quite small hands so do sometimes find levels are too heavy but they were nice on the Guzzi. The suspension is good and well aligned.

Handling was perfect for pottering around town, but could easily set off long distance without any discomfort. You can find loads of screens to help with the wind at high speeds. It’s an enjoyable, easy bike to ride. Its safe to say the sport bike riders out there would find it a little boring but it’s obviously not aimed at these guys!

untitled Seat height

Sitting at 803 mm (31.6 inches) the bike was good for me, at 5.4”. If I were to try and put both feet flat on the floor, I’d nearly be there.

untitled Weight

Manoeuvring the bike was easy when walking beside it. The Guzzi weighs in at 179.0 kg (394.6 pounds), which I thought sounded pretty heavy but due to the low centre of gravity, I was able to use the weight to help me roll.

untitled Quality

The Guzzi feels high quality to ride, without a doubt. You can buy a new model for around 7 grand, for that price the bike is unbelievable. The bike was fun to ride, but I’d say the main reason I love this bike is the aesthetics – it looks so cool, and people give it a lot of attention the roads!

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