Winter Warmers For Bikers

rider motorcycle in winter

Some of the We Buy Any Bike team have been riding to work through winter. This got us talking about which winter warmers we would really like to get our hands on!

We contacted our friends at GetGeared to find out which items have been selling well recently:

Alpinestars Celsius Heated GlovesAlpinestars Celsius Heated Gloves

Alpinestars Celsius Gloves ensures warm hands in the harshest of weather conditions. These gloves are both waterproof and breathable. They offer polymer heating panels. Meaning you enjoy consistent heat over the whole hand.

Oxford Deluxe Handlebar MuffsOxford Deluxe Handlebar Muffs

A slightly cheaper alternative to winter gloves is the Oxford Handlebar Muffs. The muffs add extra protection without being overly intrusive. They are simple to put onto the handlebars. They have openings for levers and cables.

Oxford HotHands Grip Warmers Oxford HotHands Grip Warmers 

Don’t get along with heated gloves? A good option might be Oxford’s HotHands. To fit them all you need to do is attach the battery connectors. Position the control unit. Wrap the Hot Hands around the handlebars and connect all the cables. They can also be used to provide heat to grab rails for pillion passengers.

Rev’It! Taurus Gloves GTXRev'It! Taurus Gloves GTX

The palms of the Taurus gloves have been lined with Primaloft Gold Eco. For better flexibility and dexterity. The Gore-Tex lining helps insulation. By ensuring your hands do not become damp with sweat. They allow your skin to breathe freely.

Alpinestars Tech Neck WarmerAlpinestars Tech Neck Warmer

Ideal for keeping warm on the bike and also any other outdoor activities! It stores warmth & wicks away body moisture. The warmer covers your lower face to reduce wind-chill.

Dane Udby Inner GlovesDane Udby Inner Gloves

These inner gloves are great. Do you want to carry on using your waterproof gloves but need a bit more warmth? These gloves are also made of a skin-friendly jersey fabric. So they are extremely comfortable!

Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner WRGerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner WR

This jacket is designed to be worn. Instead of the thermal lining of your existing outer shell coat or jacket. The Jacket is insulated. The heating panels cover almost the whole inner surface of the jacket and the collar. You will not need to double-up!

Knox Cold Killer Wind Buddy JacketKnox Cold Killer Wind Buddy Jacket

The Knox cold killer socks help keep the cold out and let no wind through. You can wear them either on their own or over thin socks. A soft stretch panel at the back of the sock gives you flexibility. Without the sock falling down the leg.

Gerbing 12V Heated Trouser Liner Gerbing 12V Heated Trouser Liner

The Gerbing trousers feature ultra-flexible microwire heating. To ensure your total comfort on the road. The heated trouser liners have 4 heating areas. 2 heating elements on the front of the legs. Starting from just below the waist and finishing midway down the shin.  The other 2 heating elements on the hips. These are another part of the Gerbing heated clothing system. They connect to the jacket or vest.


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