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Selling your motorcycle doesn’t have to be hard, stressful or drawn out. If you’re going to private selling sites, that can be a very hectic procedure, why not try We Buy Any Bike! We're the UK's leading bike trader! See for yourself... get a FREE quote today and sell motorbike the easy way!

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Preparing Your Bike for Sale

So, the time has come where you’d like to sell up. For one reason or another, it’s time to say goodbye to your old friend.

Whichever route you’ve decided to go whilst selling; we recommend starting the bike sale preparation around a week before your bike is about to switch hands. This will give you time to ensure your bike is fully fit, after you’ve provided with an MOT and a service. By doing this early you will have time to test out your wheels before parting ways.

So before you do anything to your bike, you want to give it a quick shower, removing any debris or grime that might get in the way when it comes to servicing the bike. The next step will be messy enough; you want your view to be clear as day so you can see what you’re doing, without any pesky chunks of muck in the way!

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Servicing your Bike

With WeBuyAnyBike being the UK’s leading bike trader, over the years we have picked up on the different ways people generally service bikes, and which way they go about it. Therefore, we have come up with a little checklist for you to go through when the time comes to service your bike, preparing you to sell motorbike!

  • Check Tyre Pressures
  • Change the Oil & Oil Filter
  • Double Check Brakes
  • Check Electronics Including Lights
  • Check Bodywork, Paint Surfaces and Mirrors

Once you’ve given your bike a good service, if you’ve noticed any paint chips on it, make sure to use an official motorbike paint specifically made for this type. There are a variety of cheaper paints out there, but these formulas may not mix well with your bike, causing it to look a little bit odd after you’ve applied it.

Following your re-paint, you want to sit yourself down, have a cup of tea, watch a bit of TV for a good few hours, or you don’t have to; it’s up to you! We just recommend leaving the paint to set a bit before washing it off. We know you’ve already given your bike a quick wash, but this one you want to give your wheels a good wash!

Remember when once upon a time, when you first bought the bike? There was a reason those wondrous wheels caught your eye, and it’s important to keep that time in mind. Try your best to recreate the appearance of your ride for the next owner.

Sell Motorbike to a Bike Trader, like us!

We Buy Any Bike love buying bikes, and we all know the process of selling privately. Our team have a passion for biking, and we’ve all been in the position of selling a bike before our company even started, and that’s why we exist! Selling your bike to a motorbike trader like us can take all the pressure away, giving you:

  • A completely hassle-free experience
  • Guaranteed excellent service!
  • Relieving you of tyre-kickers
  • Stopping people from haggling you or generally bothering you about your bike.
  • Quick and easy way to sell your bike!
We Buy Any Bike Will Buy Your Bike!

Over many years, we have been the UK’s leading Bike Trader & Bike Buyer, and we know how to give great customer service and competitive quotes. We Buy Any Bike was built as a team of bikers, so we know how stressful it can truly be! It is our job to take that from you. Sell the motorbike today!

The whole process on our website is really easy! All you need to do is submit your details for a valuation, and if you like it, click ‘accept’! We Buy Any Bike will then shortly be in touch to discuss payment and collection.

Motorbike trader, We Buy Any Bike buy so many motorbikes, regardless of their age, condition and mileage. We also collect them for free too! We have a team out collecting bikes all over the UK 7 days a week. So, sell your motorbike for cash to us today!

We make it our mission to be the best in the industry, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Read over our TrustPilot reviews and hear about our customer’s first-hand experience with us!



10 Sept 2018

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