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10 Countries to Travel by Motorcycle Post Lockdown!

Do you fancy adding some countries to your travel-by-motorcycle bucket list? Then this is the post for you!

It’s no word of a lie that lockdown has given us all the puppy dog eyes. When we’re not in the office, we often find ourselves in the garage, polishing our bikes and awaiting the day that we can finally get out and ride… properly! A little over a year ago, we asked over on our Facebook page, “What’s your favourite country to ride in… and why?”… Here are the results!


For us, Spain would be a strong contender against Italy. However, for Alexander & Raluca on Facebook, there’s no question… it’s Spain all the way!


This got us eager to do some research… Here are 3 iconic routes in Spain:

  1. Vuelta to Manchega
  2. Catalunya vs. Pyrenees
  3. Southern Spain

Scottish Highlands

Thankfully for us Brits we don’t have to harp about with excessive transport fees when travelling up to Scotland – it’s pretty easy! We’d like to give a shout out to Andrew for this one though. I personally was very grateful that he suggested this, because I loved doing this Biker’s Guide to Aberdeen, especially the castle run that I made as you scroll down!

bealach-na-ba-1162468 1920-768x534

Whilst you’re planning your Scottish Highlands trip, don’t forget about the North West 500!

Isle of Man


Janet on Facebook is pretty much telepathically a part of the team, she must me! We’re crazy about the Isle of Man here in the office, and we’re sure you know why. On the other hand, it breaks our heart to talk about this at the moment… it was supposed to be the TT next weekend! Nevertheless, if you’re planning a trip to the Isle of Man, check out our travel guide!


france-motorcycle-3335709 960 720

Thanks to Alan J for this suggestion! I haven’t been to France in years but I remember Northern France been a personal favourite of mine. Check out Jessica and Roger’s post where they share some travel tips for motorcycling in France here!



This one was contributed by Alan G – but he also said he loves Scotland and Wales too. In regards to Germany, we scouted the web and found this fantastic route called the B500. The area it is in is called Schwarzwaldhochstraße. It’s coated in trees and it looks incredible – check it out here!


rain-2085065 960 720

Angela on Facebook suggested this bucket list topper! Although Thailand is an absolutely beautiful country, the road surface maintenance is where the authorities are slacking. This means that if you’re taking a bigger bike overseas, or even if you’re renting, it’s not recommended for the newer rider. World Nomads have this ultimate guide to travelling by motorcycle in Thailand!


away-264884 1920-930x1024

Ok, so I’m going to say a personal thank you to Phillip for suggesting Ireland. We’ve mentioned Ireland numerous times and suggested routes here and there. For this post I thought instead of listing all of the routes, I’d pick my favourite; the Boyne Valley Scenic Route. Safe to say, this one is embedded on my bucket list for as soon as we’re allowed to travel properly again – thanks, Phillip!


I remember going to Wales a few years ago – it was the first time I’d been and I completely fell in love with it. I’m sort of starting the process of planning a trip down there for next year. It’s a bit difficult when you’re up in Yorkshire! Anyway, Scott recommended this one to us (thank you Scott)!

motorcycle-2312896 960 720

Since we’ve featured nothing but routes, we thought we’d try something a little bit different for this one. If you’re heading over to Wales, why not check out some these clubs? You never know, you might find a route you like there!


It’s pretty much everyone’s dream to take on Route 66, but there are some alternative roads across America that often get overlooked. America was suggested by Kevin – he may have had Route 66 in mind… but we’re curious to know what else America has to offer!

route-1128816 1920-1024x680

As it turns out, One Travel have a fair few alternative routes over on their page, along with the Tunnel of Trees Road. I’ve got to admit, if I was riding some of these roads, I wouldn’t feel like I was in America!


I have to say, if I was planning a trip on my bike, Bulgaria would not be at the forefront of my mind, simply because I know nothing about it! Thank you for suggesting it though, Basri, if you’re reading this!

editorial-4906311 1920-1024x683

After doing some research, I forgot that Bulgaria was a part of the Balkans – you can read Eric’s post over on Ride Adv, where he gives a full detail of his experience!

Who Are We?

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5 Jun 2020

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