Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot find my bike on the website?

We buy almost all makes and models, however, there are some makes and models we do not have on our database. Please do not choose the nearest thing to your bike in an attempt to obtain a price. Whilst we constantly strive to increase the range of bikes we will buy, if your bike is not on the website (please note scooters below 200cc are not on the website) we would ask you to send a message with details and pictures, PLEASE NOTE ONLY EMAILS WITH PICTURES WILL BE VALUED and we will endeavour to make you an offer on as many bikes as is possible.

I do not have a V5 registration document?

For us to buy your bike, we do need your original V5 document presently in your name. If you do not have one you can obtain a new document by filling in form V62 which you can download from the DVLA or pick up from any Post Office. The completed form and appropriate fee should be sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR. A new document will then be issued to you in about 3 - 4 weeks. Until you have this we cannot proceed with the transaction. You will be required to revalue your bike at this time.

What happens if I inaccurately describe my bike?

If your on-line appraisal does not match our collection driver's appraisal, we will reduce the purchase price accordingly. This will either be deducted from the balance that we transfer into your bank account or if you have opted for cash deducted from the total on collection. We will be accurate and FAIR

Will you collect my bike for free?

If your bike is valued by us at £400 or more, we will endeavour to collect your bike at your convenience free of charge from anywhere within mainland England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, subject to time scale terms. There are no up-front charges, and no administration charges before or after.

Do i need to pay any charges before you collect my motorcycle?

Under no circumstances do we charge any amount before collection.

Do you purchase the bike outright?

Yes, all bikes are purchased outright, we do not do sale or return.

Do I need to be in when the bike is collected?

No, all bikes can be collected from a third party with prior consent.

Can I deliver the bike to you?

Yes. If you deliver your bike to us at Unit 4, Hanworth Court, Hanworth Road, Low Moor, Bradford, BD12 0SG we will give you some Marks and Spencers vouchers.

Will you buy an import?

Yes we will buy imported bikes. For all imports contact us at [email protected]

How and when will I receive my money?

The fastest, easiest and most secure way to pay you is through an electronic transfer from our account to yours. There is no charge for this service and in most cases we make the transfer whilst the collection driver is at your collection address. You will receive an email from Lloyds confirming that payment has left our account and has been sent to your bank. If you would prefer to receive a cheque from us you will have the opportunity to tell us when we contact you. Please note that if you do choose to receive a cheque, you must ensure that you have a debit or credit card available on collection just in case you have missed some damage when entering your bike details.

Will you pay cash for my bike?

Yes, with prior arrangement cash is available for payment on all bikes.