Rider Hall of Fame – April: Mike Hailwood

It’s the end of the month, which only means one thing, it’s ‘Rider of the Month’ – and April’s feature is Mike Hailwood! Keep on reading to find out about this iconic rider’s life. Affectionately known as ‘Mike the Bike’, he was born Stanley Michael Bailey Hailwood back on April 2nd 1940. His name was … Continue reading “Rider Hall of Fame – April: Mike Hailwood”

How To Care For & Maintain Your Electric Motorcycle

In the not-too-distant future, electric motorcycles will be the main market for motorbikes. Over the last few years, the automotive industry has seen a steep increase in the purchase of electric vehicles. According to the IDTechEx, in 2020 electric motorbikes sales went up by 50% in Europe. Every motorbike is different. When buying a new … Continue reading “How To Care For & Maintain Your Electric Motorcycle”

8 Motorbike Video Games You Have To Play!

Do you love motorbikes… do you love playing video games in your spare time? If so, this post will be right down your street! Today we’re going to be featuring some iconic video games featuring motorbikes that you have to add to your collection! Ride (1,2,3,4) Ride is a series of video games that first … Continue reading “8 Motorbike Video Games You Have To Play!”

13 Musicians Who Are Mad About Motorcycles

You might have more in common with your favourite musicians than you think. We love writing about celebrity bikers, and we’ve done various posts about them. However, we haven’t really done one about musicians who ride bikes. Well, now we have! Does your favourite singer ride motorbikes? Find out below… TINA TURNER Although it doesn’t … Continue reading “13 Musicians Who Are Mad About Motorcycles”

15 Underrated Countries for Motorcycling

The recent March heatwave got us inspired to go motorcycling in different countries. However, we’d love to visit some hidden gems this year. A lot of people tend to take their motorcycles to the more popular countries. But, where are the most underrated countries to take your motorcycle? Read on to find out more… Please … Continue reading “15 Underrated Countries for Motorcycling”

Rider Hall of Fame: March – Geoff Duke

It’s that time of the month yet again when we pick a motorcyclist for our Hall of Fame, and we’re pleased to feature Geoff Duke for our March edition. The We Buy Any Bike team love learning about the lives of famous motorcyclists who were admired around the world. If you have someone that you’d … Continue reading “Rider Hall of Fame: March – Geoff Duke”

12 Motorbike Documentary Films You Don’t Want To Miss!

There’s nothing better than a nice relaxing evening watching a documentary. Well, I tell a lie – there is something better, and that’s riding a motorbike. However, when we’re not on the roads or in the office, you can probably find us sat in front of the TV watching a documentary! We Buy Any Bike … Continue reading “12 Motorbike Documentary Films You Don’t Want To Miss!”

Rider Hall of Fame: February – Joey Dunlop

Joey Dunlop, also known by his birth name, William Joseph Dunlop has rightfully earned his place on February’s Rider Hall of Fame. The Irish-born rider wasn’t raised as a biker as many of his peers did. The 22x TT Winner, and one of the best riders of all time was born February 25th 1952 to … Continue reading “Rider Hall of Fame: February – Joey Dunlop”

Our Most Bought Bikes of 2021

Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we always get asked ‘What are your most bought bikes?’. So, we thought we’d delve deep into our systems and compile a list of our most bought bikes of 2021! Honda Fireblade Coming up first on our list is the Honda Fireblade. The Honda Fireblade first entered the market back in 1992, … Continue reading “Our Most Bought Bikes of 2021”

Rider Hall of Fame: January – Steve Hislop

To start 2022 off, we’re welcoming a new series called the Rider Hall of Fame, and this month’s spotlight shines on Steve Hislop! Steve’s life started in the town of Hawick in Scotland, which is ironically where his childhood icon, Jimmie Guthrie was also from. Early Life of Steve Hislop Steve, affectionately known as ‘Hizzy’ … Continue reading “Rider Hall of Fame: January – Steve Hislop”